10 tips to improve the spelling

We help you improve your ortorgafía with 10 tips of easy application

Nowadays, the need to write without a spell checker is scarce. However, this is not an excuse to commit serious spelling mistakes.

Knowing how to write without mistakes and with the correct syntax is essential to get a job since it is something that recruiters and employers pay special attention in addition to saying a lot about your personality. To help you improve your spelling, follow the 10 tips of learning expert Grace Fleming:

We share 10 tips to improve the spellingspelling

1.Make a list of words that generate difficultyspelling

If there are words that you know those present difficulties and that you usually make mistakes when writing them, create a list. Write 10 times each of the words on the list, exactly as you did at school. Practice every night and eliminate the words once you think you have mastered them.

2.Keep a file with “problem words” on your computer

Each time you use the automatic corrector and find a misspelled word, copy it and paste it into that file and then add it to the previous word list.

3.Say the words out loud

Every time you practice a word, speak out loud. Later you will remember how the word sounded when you wrote it correctly. You will be surprised at how useful this is.

4.Check the rules for prefixes and suffixesspelling

The prefixes are the morphemes that are placed before the root of the word, for example, the prefix before being born, reborn. Meanwhile, the suffixes are the morphemes that are placed at the end of a word, for example, the verb sing adds the suffix -ante and get the noun singer. Once you understand the difference between each suffix and prefix and its meanings, you will understand more clearly how to use them.

5.Study the origin of wordsspelling

The vast majority of Spanish words come from Latin since it is a Latin language or romance. Learning the Greek and Latin roots from which the words come is a trick used in spelling contests.

6.Memorize the special word sets

There are finite groups of words that if you know and memorize, you will be easier to remember at the time of writing. Some examples of this are pronouns, prepositions, articles … Continue reading – The 10 Best Trips For 2018 You Must Try

7.Read a lotspelling

Many words become familiar as you see them more often. The more you read, the more words you will memorize and the better you will understand the language, even if you do not notice it.

8.Read and underline with a pencil

As you pass the lines of the books you can make faint marks to indicate the words you need to practice. Just remember to go back and erase the marks once you register them in the list and learn. If you use an ebook reader, be sure to select and mark them to practice.

9.Practice with the spelling test

There are many sites where you can perform spelling tests. It is a great way to find misspelled words or that often cause confusion.

10.Imagine writing the wordspelling

While this may seem silly, imagine writing the word is a very useful activity to remember how to write.

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