12 benefits of coffee that you sure did not know

12 benefits of coffee that you sure did not know. Not only does it wake you up, it’s very good for its antioxidant power and for its contributions to the brain. Buenos Aires was filled with food trucks, parties, and fairs where we can try food of all kinds. And of course, the time came for coffee: yesterday and today the Coffee Party of Buenos Aires takes place at the Alvear Icon Hotel. There will be tastings and tailor-made dishes to enjoy without guilt the most consumed beverage in the world after the water. To end with the myths that blame the coffee, founded mostly on those of poor quality and poorly prepared, some truths from the International Coffee Organization and the Argentine Chamber of Coffee. Of course: always keep in mind that these benefits run when consumed in moderation and without too many extras.

It is antioxidant:benefits of coffee

Coffee is not just caffeine, it also contains substances with antioxidant properties. The flavonoids act as a defense against possible diseases and attacks of microorganisms and also delay the aging of cells. The amount of antioxidants that a cup can offer depends on the type of green coffee, the roasting and the way of preparation. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Help against diabetes:

Caffeine activates the cells of the pancreas, which are responsible for producing the insulin our body needs. For this reason, drinking coffee daily decreases the risk of developing type two diabetes. The possibilities are reduced by 7% if consumption is low and by 25% if you drink three or four cups a day. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

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Slimming:benefits of coffee

A cup of coffee does not do magic but it can be an ally in the diets because it generates a feeling of fullness and provides only two calories. In addition, taking a coffee in the morning favors lipolysis: a metabolic process by which the same organism burns accumulated fats. Green coffee is even more beneficial because it prevents the absorption of calories from fats and carbohydrates, thus altering the way food is assimilated. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Good breath:

Nothing can replace the toothbrush but it is good to know that coffee inhibits the development of bacteria in the mouth that cause halitosis. This happens when the coffee is taken alone; if it is mixed with milk, it can ferment and generate the opposite effect. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Relieves migraines:benefits of coffee

Caffeine can relieve severe headaches and even boost the effect of some analgesics. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Healthy heart:

Coffee can be good for the heart if it is consumed moderately. Taking two to four cups daily generates a cardioprotective effect that decreases the risk of heart failure. But if there are more than five cups a day, the benefits are diluted and the heart can even suffer serious damage.

It favors digestion:benefits of coffee

Caffeine increases gastric, pancreas and saliva secretion, facilitating digestion. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Living mind:

Coffee reduces the chances of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Caffeine has a neuroprotective effect that can prevent the onset of Parkinson’s. In the case of Alzheimer’s, caffeine inhibits the production of amyloid beta, a protein that accumulates in the brain, which is difficult to metabolize. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Lucky brain:

Perhaps the most famous effect of caffeine on our body is to be stimulating. The truth is that coffee is a great encouragement: with habitual consumption, the brain and its cognitive functions benefit in many aspects. Memory, concentration, and insight increase almost immediately after drinking it. It sharpens alertness, reaction time and performance. Improves mood. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Antidepressant:benefits of coffee

Drinking coffee every day reduces the risk of suffering from depression. Caffeine helps release dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood. For this same reason, coffee is an option to take into account to counteract possible drowsiness when driving a vehicle. It is one of the benefits of coffee.

Powerful Siesta:

A coffee plus a 20-minute nap It is the scientific formula for not being a zombie all day long. In this case, the order of the factors does matter: the secret is to have a quick coffee before the siesta. The explanation? The time it takes for caffeine to reach the brain is 20 minutes on average; Once there, it adheres to the receptor of adenosine, ‘the molecule of fatigue’. Adenosine is an accessory product of brain activity that generates fatigue when it accumulates in the receptors. Caffeine temporarily appropriates these receptors and adenosine cannot be trapped. If adenosine levels decrease, fatigue also decreases. The nap should be 20 minutes at most to avoid falling into a deep sleep and take advantage of the stimulating effect of caffeine.

Improves sports performance:

Coffee consumption is ideal for performing long-term exercises. Caffeine provides energy and increases physical endurance. By delaying the feeling of fatigue due to the action on adenosine, muscle capacity is favored. In addition, caffeine helps burn fat and conserve glycogen as an energy source.

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