3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit

3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit. The home-made fruit baby food is certainly advantages compared to those purchased ready. Preparing the homogenized by itself allows you to be sure of the quality of the ingredients used and also to make the baby try different flavors following the seasonality of vegetables and fruit. In this way, the child will be more facilitated during the growth to approach new dishes and different tastes without too much diffidence.

In fact, the main difference between homogenized home-made and one purchased at a pharmacy or at the supermarket consists of flavor; the packaged homogenized are all of the excellent quality and also certified, given the strict legislation in this regard, but are all approved to the palate. The approval of the taste does not help the child to be available to new taste sensations, thus making it more difficult to insert new dishes with the progress of growth.

Homogenized homemade fruit: how to prepare them

To cook excellent homogenized home-made fruit to wean your baby. You do not need a kitchen with special equipment or great cooking skill. Enough, very simply, a great blender and know how to boil. Even the time factor is not so decisive: in fact, it is necessary to know how to organize and prepare more homogenized for several meals at one time, thus avoiding any kind of a waste. Those that are not consumed immediately can be stored in the freezer.

The homogenized will gradually be abandoned on the recommendation of the pediatrician as the child’s dentition increases: more milk teeth will have, the more will be increased step by step the chewiness of foods, initially no longer smoothies but chopped or, in the case of meat and fish, it will be opted for minced meatballs and dish.

3 recipes for homogenized homemade fruit

Homogenized apple and pear fruit3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit

weaning begins with the afternoon snack. The homogenized fruit is replaced with milk, making the child get used to the new flavor and to the teaspoon. The homogenized fruit is the easiest to prepare: just blend the fruit in a season without even adding sugar, but using the natural fruit. To mix everything, you can add yogurt or milk. The fruit indicated by the pediatricians at the beginning of weaning is the apple, followed by the pear. Only in the second measure can the other fruits be inserted. Which over time and the concomitant growth of milk teeth, can also only be crushed. It is one of the 3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit.

Homogenized plum3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit

among the many fruits available, often you opt for plums because they are rich in fiber and help digestion. Unlike apple and pear, plum should be cooked in boiling water after being peeled and cut into pieces. When it becomes soft, it’s time to blend. Do not add sugar and if the taste remains acid you can balance it with apple. Or pear, or adding milk. It is one of the 3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit.

Homogenized strawberries

strawberry is the last to be included in weaning. It is a fruit very rich in water, so in the summer months. It helps to maintain an adequate level of hydration. Strawberries should be washed, removed from the stalk, cut into rings and joined with a pear. At that point, mix everything with a blender. If you want to make the snack even more consistent you can add yogurt. It is one of the 3 easy recipes to make homogenized homemade fruit.

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