5 Beautiful Area Rug Trends to Try

Area rugs are one of the fastest and often cheapest ways to update your home with the latest trends without carrying out a major renovation or decoration project. With plenty of stunning trends set to come over the horizon this year, we take a look at five absolutely beautiful area rug trends to try in your home.

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New Boho

Bohemian rugs will literally never go out of style. We are talking rugs inspired by ancient Persian, Native American or Asian patterns. Couple these rugs with bold blacks and whites for a truly statement look.

Natural Fibres

Apart from soft grass, nothing quite feels so beautiful underfoot as natural fibres. These are increasingly common in rugs as we move away from the man-made fibres of yesteryear’s rugs such as polyester. Instead opt for cotton, wool or hessian, all in beige or earthy tones.

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Scandi Elegance

Scandi Chic has evolved again into an ever more elegant levels of sophistication. Soft natural fibres with pastel greens and blues are set to take over the homes of the most elegant and refined among us. Rugs that epitomize Scandi Elegance make use of natural coastal colours and organic fibres. Green Scandi rugs are perfect when laid over light shades of laminate flooring, such as the options available at https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html.

Pink Hues

Pink is the colour of the summer of 2018. You’ll see it everywhere, from men’s shorts to summer dresses and even in the home too. A pink rug is an excellent way to incorporate this trend into your home without painting the walls pink, which you may regret in a couple of years. Sometimes referred to as ‘Millennial Pink’, this rose blush is light, dainty but self-assured, ideal for cosy lounges or airy bedrooms. Match pink rugs with green walls for the latest Pinterest trend.

Dark and Moody

Perfectly matched with teal walls, brass detailing and walnut furniture, rugs dyed in rich dark colours make a serious style statement in the home. Think fuchsia, turquoise or maroon; the deeper and moodier the better.

Take advantage of the power rugs have to update your interior look. These five varied rug trends are ideal for area rug options all around the home and can be mixed and matched according to your existing decor style.

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