5 Benefits of Majoring in Visual Arts in College

A lot of people may tell you that getting a fine arts degree won’t be worth anything in the real world. What those people don’t realize is that attending a visual arts college isn’t only about painting on canvas and dreaming all day long. In fact, a visual arts degree can be used in a multitude of capacities and industries – from advertising to graphic design. Both of these industries offer a plethora of high-paying careers – careers with benefits. There are also a number of other advantages of majoring in visual arts too – advantages that offer a culturally enriching life. Here are five benefits of majoring in visual arts in college.

 Visual Arts in College

  1. Well-balanced curriculum. One of the greatest benefits of majoring in visual arts is that it can balance out your curriculum, especially if your minor is a non-visual arts field. Sometimes, making your curriculum more balanced can make your college experience more dynamic and interesting. Plus, mixing fields can often break up the monotony that can come with studying one field.
  2. Open future career opportunities. Right now, there are countless industries that are desperate for creative thinkers with visual arts degrees. For instance, Nossi College of Art offers degrees in graphic design, illustration, and other creative fields that can be applied in many different careers. You could work in-house for a major corporation or you can join an advertising agency. Whatever industry that you decide to go in, having a visual arts degree on your resume will be incredibly impressive – it could be the decision-making factor an employer needs to hire you.
  3. Spend time with likeminded people. Another big benefit of getting a visual arts degree is that you will get to spend time and hang out with people that love and appreciate art as much as you do. Being around likeminded people can actually improve your skills as an artist. Not only that, but you will be able to share ideas and learn about new artists. This can be incredibly beneficial for the sake of inspiration and it will give new dimensions to the art you create.
  4. Express your creativity. Of course, pursuing a visual arts degree will also give you the unique opportunity to express your creativity. Not only will you have all the time in the world to express your creative side, but you will also have many tools and studio space. This is something that not a lot of artists have, so being able to take advantage of these resources in college can be incredibly beneficial.
  5. Expand your way of thinking. Majoring in visual arts will also expand new ways of thinking – not only about art, but also about life. Art allows you the opportunity to devise new ideas that you may not have thought of before. If you want to become an artist, expanding your perception is incredibly important and having the space to explore can be incredibly advantageous as a creative person. In the end, a visual arts degree may be exactly what you need to become the artist you want to be.


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