5 Benefits of Montessori Preschool for Kids and Parents

If your child is ready for preschool, you may want to consider the Montessori method. Indeed, choosing the first school that your child will go to can be daunting, but sending your child to a MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL can be one of the best decisions you can make – for you and your child. An Italian physicist named Maria Montessori developed the Montessori approach towards education – she promoted independent learning, discovery and self-development. Today, this method is used by a number of affiliate preschools. In this type of school, there are no assigned seats, creativity is championed and children of different ages learn together. Here are five benefits of Montessori preschool for kids and parents.

FamilyIt teaches children their own style of learning. Preschool is a time when laying the foundation for learning is critical. Your child will be spending the foreseeable future in school – all the way until college – so laying this foundation early will be critical. It will help them do better in school, it will help them study and it will create a passion for learning. Because Montessori schools allow children to learn at their own pace, they start to develop their own methods for absorbing information.

It teaches children to get along. This is an important benefit for children and parents alike. Because Montessori preschools encourage collaboration and because the school groups other children together, it will be like a trust building and sharing exercise. This is another foundation that your child will benefit from all the way until they are adults. If you have other children, building a sense of collaboration and teamwork can result in reduced friction inside the home. Teaching children to share and work together is imperative.

It will give them unique skills that will encourage development. For each early age group, there is a certain target of development to focus on. For two to three year olds, it is basic language learning and expression. At four to five years old, it is about taking language a step further and honing in on creativity and intellectual thought. This may seem a little early for children of that age, but engaging in activities like crafts and visiting museums can be really encouraging for the young intellectual self.

It will teach individualism. As a child, it can be easy to feel like you have to be just like everyone else. A Montessori school, however, teaches children that they don’t have to be just like everyone else – they can like their own things and discover their own world. This can be a great way to encourage a child’s identity and to promote it in a healthy and constructive way.

It will encourage self-discipline and motivation. Sometimes, getting your child to complete a task can be a Herculean feat. However, a Montessori school will teach your children that doing things on their own is imperative and actually fun. This independent, self-motivated thinking will make your child more disciplined and it will strengthen the order at home. In the end, a Montessori preschool may just make your child more better behaved.

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