5 best destinations for young people with empty pockets

5  best destinations for young people with empty pockets. Would you leave for a trip around the world even tomorrow? But in your piggy bank are only spider webs left? Do not despair, travel is also possible for those who, like us, do not sail in gold … and in any case, remember that often the best things in life are free! So do not despair but take a look below at the 5 destinations we have chosen for you! You may find that they are much cheaper than you imagine.

The best of the Atlantic, Galicia (Spain)best destinations

Okay, in 2017 Spain is not really a secret. But have a moment of patience, we’re not talking about the usual weekend of revelries at Magaluf. Think instead of the autonomous region of Galicia, on the north-west coast, until now still far from the flow of mass tourism. The cliffs of this region are reminiscent of the majesty of the Norwegian fjords, its mild climate resembles the Italian spring. And the prices of coffee and beers are so low that you’ll feel like you’re back in the nineties. You’ll see, you’ll be surprised! Are not you convinced yet? Maybe the idea of a nice dish based on freshly caught fish, typical of those parts, will make you change your mind.

Where stay? Vigo is an excellent option: an ancient and romantic provincial capital, lying on the side of a hill … reminiscent of San Francisco. The port area is charming and full of cafes and bars to cool off after a day of exploring the city. What to bring? In addition to costume and hiking shoes, remember to bring an umbrella, as sudden thunderstorms are not a rarity on the shores of the Atlantic.

The Turkish wonder – Turunc (Turkey)best destinations

Attending the glide of an Olympic diver who enters gently into the waters of a pool is certainly a fascinating spectacle. But also seeing the prices of the hotels that dive into a dive is a show that can be equally noteworthy, as shown by a quick search on KAYAK for resorts along the Turkish coast. However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds of tourists that crowd the major tourist resorts of Turkey en masse, there are various options worth considering. If you are looking for something romantic, but leave open the possibility of going to some party, the village of Turunc could be for you. Located near (but not too close) to the mecca of Marmaris nightlife, Turunc is the perfect place to relax on the beach during the day, away from the noise of the crowds. It is one of the best destinations.

Race to the Golden Sands (Bulgaria)best destinations

Are you looking for a cheap place to find sun, sand, and music? At the Golden Sands resort on the Black Sea, in Bulgaria, you’ll be on the safe side. With a wide variety of beachfront establishments offering 24-hour entertainment, it seems incredible. That the beaches of this resort can withstand the impact of thousands of patrons every night. In addition, the fixed price of just over € 7 for two hours of “all you can drink” speaks for itself.  It is one of the best destinations. Continue reading-7 must-see places for your study tour

Alpine Adventures – High Tatras (Slovakia)best destinations

Are you a person with an active lifestyle but do you prefer the rhythm of nature to that of the dance floor? In this case, the mountains of the High Tatras are for you. Located almost entirely within the Slovak borders, this small mountain range is able to offer almost thirty peaks over 2,500 meters high. This is not a breeze: you will encounter steep rock faces up to 900 meters high and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails full of wild animals. If you’re lucky, you could even spot a bear! The height of the peaks is in stark contrast to the low prices to visit them: these start from just € 45 per person per day for a group of four people. The best way to reach the High Tatras is by train from Prague. It is one of the best destinations.

Treasure Island – Dominican Republicbest destinations

Imagine walking barefoot on a beach of fine sand, touching with your toes turquoise waters. And relaxing in the shade of a tropical palm … And when night falls to enjoy a fruit cocktail, perhaps accompanied by a good cigar: a real Caribbean delight. That this dream is destined to remain so, judging by the availability of your wallet? It is not said: if you know where to go, anything is possible. For example, on the island of Hispaniola, in the Dominican Republic.  It is one of the best destinations.

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