5 Dumb Weapons Laws in the United States

America is known for its zealous appreciation of weapons. It seems as though we can’t get enough. For this reason, you’ll find a lot of laws and statutes that both protect and forbid some of the craziest and most deadly weapons. Some laws make sense, like doing background checks to make sure someone is sane enough to own a weapon or laws that prohibit people from walking around town with assault rifles. That being said, though, there are a lot of weapon laws that are downright dumb. Most of these dumb laws regarding weapons are a result of multiple compromises made by legislators that can’t seem to agree on anything. Here are five dumb weapons laws in the United States.


  • Pepper spray is legal to use as self-defense, but it is banned in warfare. In most states, pepper spray, or mace, is perfectly legal to use as a self-defense weapon. There are some states that make it a misdemeanor to carry mace without a permit, but those laws are rarely enforced. In war, however, pepper spray is not legal because it is considered chemical warfare.
  • You can walk down the street with a sword, but you can’t conceal a knife. In most states, you cannot conceal a large knife in a purse or backpack, but you can walk down the street with a giant sword strapped to your back. In fact, you can visit Swordsaxe right now and purchase a long sword and strap so that you can test this dumb law. Before you do this, however, you may want to check your local statutes and laws.
  • You can’t hide a gun in your pants, but you can wear one in an open holster. Again, you want to check your local statutes on this, but in some states it is perfectly legal to wear a gun in a holster. These are called open carry laws and they date back to constitutional times when people needed guns to protect themselves. It is illegal, though, to conceal these weapons because it shows intent to surprise or harm intentionally. This is why you want to make sure the gun is easy for everyone to see.
  • You can purchase a gun from a private seller or gun show without a background check. This is a law that has many gun control advocates in a tizzy. It isn’t so much a law as it is a loophole. In many statutes, it doesn’t mention that background checks are required for private internet sales or piecemeal sales. Moreover, they don’t mention that checks are required when purchasing a gun from a gun show.
  • A flamethrower is legal under federal law. Perhaps the dumbest law thus far is the one that allows people to purchase and use a flamethrower. In fact, there aren’t any restrictions when it comes to owning this insane weapon. Flamethrowers shoot a literal stream of fire, so when using one, make sure to use precaution – a flamethrower can cause a significant amount of damage and even death if you aren’t careful.

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