5 more easy steps to improve your business digital signage strategy

Here are another five tips on how digital signage can have a positive impact on your business and how aligning it with your business aims and objectives can make for great marketing.

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Build anticipation

Creating anticipation is a sure-fire way of hanging onto your audience and keeping them interested. This does not need to be complicated; for example, it could be as simple as a slide that encourages viewers to come back for more, such as ‘our 20 per cent sale starts next week, so make sure you don’t miss out on some great offers.’ In store music can help to create mood and expectation.

Don’t forget the power of user generated content

User generated content (UGC) can help to create credibility around your brand and products. These platforms, which include review systems such as Trip Advisor and Yelp, engender a feeling of social proof in addition to offering a forum for feedback. Digital screens can also gather UGC.

Feedback is king

Marketing material can only really be effective if it works for your target audience. It is worth running a mystery shopper-style exercise to get a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t. A fresh pair of eyes can offer constructive criticism that can be incorporated into your design and content. You may well have a fabulously designed digital signage platform in your store from a specialist such as
https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-music-for-business/ ; however, your more discerning customers may well comment on your professionalism if the content is badly written.

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Tracking your metrics

Promotional codes and unique URLs are two ways of tracking the effectiveness of your digital signage. It is also worth checking how many potential customers have taken an action after engaging with your display; in this way, you can refine your calls to action, enhance your content if needs be, and add extra features to your screens.

Review, review, review

Unlike many other forms of marketing material, digital signage is not static and can be continuously reinvented. This means you can work on it over time to perfect it and tailor it more and more to your customers.

Whether you have one or one hundred screens, remember that your communications need to be personable and targeted. Follow these tips and see the effectiveness of your digital signage skyrocket.

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