5 Helpful Virtual Assistant Hiring Tips

If you just have too much to do and not enough time, you would probably benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. If you are a business owner, delegating some of the more miscellaneous tasks – tasks that are mundane and obligatory, but take up too much of your day – will allow you to focus on the bigger picture. It is a lot more important to think about growing your business and finding new ways to attract customers – you can leave the small things in the hands of someone else. A virtual assistant is basically someone that works remotely to do things like reply to emails and phone calls. Some virtual assistants will even arrange your schedule for the week. Here are five helpful virtual assistant hiring tips.

Virtual Assistant Hiring Tips

  1. Make sure that your assistant is passionate about the industry you are in. When you work with an assistant – a remote assistant – you want them to be at least a little passionate about the industry you are in. If an assistant is apathetic, it could affect the quality of his or her work.
  2. Make sure that your assistant has experience. It is also important to test your assistant’s experience level. Some assistants have almost no experience, so when faced with clerical tasks, they draw a blank. You certainly don’t want to deal with this issue. The is why going though a specialized digital agency that offers virtual assistants, like Uassist.ME, can be such a safe bet. You will know for sure that the virtual assistant you hire is experienced and knowledgeable.
  3. Make sure that your assistant has references. It is also imperative that you research your assistant’s references. If you find a good candidate, you want to make sure that past clients were satisfied with the work. If the assistant does not have references, you should be a little wary, and you should keep your options open. The last thing you want is a virtual assistant that isn’t reliable or doesn’t stand up to the task at hand. When it comes down to it, checking references will be the best way to know if a particular assistant is right for the job.
  4. Make sure that you get along with your assistant. When you hire an assistant, you want to make sure that the person is someone that you can actually get along with. Sure, the assistant may be work virtually, but a small difference in personality can lead to problems down the line. Ideally, you want the person to be affable and fun to work with. You don’t want someone that huffs and puffs when they get an assignment.
  5. Make sure that you decide whether you want your assistant to work full time or part time. It is also crucial that you decide whether you want your assistant full-time or part-time. When it comes down to it, the decision will determine how much you pay an assistant and how committed you are willing to get. If you are not willing to get committed just yet, you may want to start off with a part-time assistant and then get more serious later on down the line.

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