5 Hot Fashion Trends for High School Girls

Not only do fashion trends change seasonally, but teenage girls constantly change up their style in search of the clothing that best matches their mood or defines their aesthetic from one moment to the next. And whether you’re the trendsetter in your group of friends or you simply like to try out the latest fads, you’ll find that there is no shortage of new and interesting fashions to don, especially when it comes to the smorgasbord that is the back-to-school shopping season. Here are just a few of the hottest fashion trends at the moment for high school girls looking to get creative with their wardrobe and make a statement.

Hot Fashion Trends

  1. Tops. This fall, the trend in tops is all about cozy layers. A good way to keep the look chic instead of frumpy is to opt for lighter layers underneath with the heaviest item on top. So begin with a collared shirt, topped with a lightweight knit sweater, and finish with a shearling vest or a tweed jacket. Or skip the third layer and opt for a chunky, cable-knit sweater instead.
  2. Bottoms. Cuffed boyfriend jeans are the go-to style for fall. Celebs from Reese Witherspoon to Rhianna have already been photographed sporting this timely trend, and there’s no reason high school fashionistas shouldn’t follow suit. All you really need is a pair of slouchy, distressed boyfriend jeans to start, after which you simply roll the cuffs a couple of times, showing some ankle, and then don your favorite pair of heels, booties, or Chuck Taylors, depending on how fancy or casual you prefer to go. Just don’t steal your boyfriend’s actual jeans. While they’re meant to be a little loose, you don’t necessarily want your boyfriend jeans to feature the unflattering crotch-drop that happens when you put on men’s pants.
  3. Dresses. The order of the day in dresses is a swinging ’60s inspired mod look. Often referred to as “The Chelsea Girl”, this trend tends to entail short, shift-style dresses with Peter Pan collars. And the best part is that these simple garments are all too easy to dress up with stockings, boots, jackets and accessories, making for an easy-to-assemble outfit.
  4. Kicks. Although people rarely stare at your footwear, the hottest trend when it comes to shoes for fall is personalization. This means getting yourself some canvas shoes (Keds, Vans, Chuck Taylors, etc.) and then adding your own flair. This could be as simple as replacing your regular laces with some that are sparkly or brightly colored. Or you might cover your kicks in colorful buttons. Heck, you could even bedazzle them. But you could also go all out with fabric paint and create themed shoes that feature your favorite designs, such as band logos or your own version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
  5. Accessories. One of the best fashion tips when it comes to completing an ensemble is to choose the right accessories, and moderation is the name of the game. If you want to wear a statement necklace, go easy everywhere else with stud earrings and simple rings. Of course, the best accessories for fall are going to be rings, so you might want to focus your energy there. Small collections of stackables paired with larger, cocktail-style finger adornments are the way to go. So shop for trendy outfits at outlets like ENewstore and then head to Claire’s or Charming Charlie for rings to pair with every ensemble.

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