5 Swift and Simple Baby Laundry Tips for New Parents

New parents face quite a learning curve when it comes to caring for a dependent infant. And while you might be most concerned about getting your child on a sleep schedule, learning how to feed and bathe him, and protecting him from harm, you’ll also have to consider tasks like doing baby laundry and how they can affect your life and your newborn. While you might not waste an undue thought on your own laundry, the situation is a little different where your infant is concerned. Here are just a few quick and easy tips to keep your baby safe and save some time and effort.

Baby Laundry Tips

  1. Use green cleaners. Babies tend to have sensitive skin. And whether you’ve gone out of your way to purchase organic clothing and linens or not, you might want to, at least, consider using green cleaners when it comes to washing your infant’s clothing and other textiles that touch his skin. The reason is that harsh chemicals and fragrances included in standard detergents and fabric softeners can cause your baby to suffer an allergic reaction. By switching to non-toxic, green cleaners, you can likely prevent this possibility.
  2. Wash in hot water. Babies are bound to get all kinds of stains on their clothing from meals, spit-up, and rolling around on the carpet or in the grass, just for example. Luckily, most children’s clothing is designed to be washed in hot water for exactly this reason. Check labels just in case, though, to make sure you don’t shrink garments that are meant to be washed in cold water.
  3. Pretreat stains. Since you probably don’t want to use bleach on your baby’s clothing, you should get used to pretreating stains if you want garments to last through more than one use. This could mean carrying a stain stick with you or simply using a stain treatment formula before washing. Don’t forget, many washing machines have pre-wash and soak cycles that will increase the effectiveness of these treatments and help to get baby clothes spotless.
  4. Install a sink for cloth diapers. If you plan to use cloth diapers and you don’t have a dedicated laundry sink, now is the time to install one in whatever area of your home houses the washer and dryer. Of course, this won’t be feasible for homes that have squeezed stackables into a closet, but if you have a laundry room or your laundry is located in the basement or garage, hire a plumber to look at your lines and see if hooking up a utility sink is an option. It isn’t very expensive and it will save you from having to soak soiled cloth diapers in your kitchen or bathroom sinks or in your bathtub, all of which can lead to sanitation issues. Plus, you’ll find it terribly convenient to have a deep sink in the laundry room while your kids are growing up.
  5. Use a laundry service. You could find that baby laundry takes a lot more time and effort than adult laundry. And for a harried mom or dad that doesn’t have any spare time, this can lead to frustration and stress. But you can make life easy by using a service like Time To Wash Laundromat & Organic Dry Cleaning that picks up, drops off, and offers organic options that are in keeping with the wishes of concerned, first-time parents.

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