5 things to experience on Arranmore Island

Not far from the coast of Donegal, you’ll discover Arranmore Island, a beautiful land that is worth visiting for its wonderful opportunity to go exploring. Simply twenty minutes by ferry across the sea, you will find this enchanting landscape. It’s full of things to see and do so you will need all day to explore all that is offered.

Arranmore is known for its beautiful villages, friendly locals, stunning scenery, delicious food, and is home to the Féile Róise Rua music festival (Rose of Arranmore), a must-visit festival to celebrate Irish music, dances and craic that take place May 17 – 19. Here are just a few things to experience on the island:

1. Rent a bicycle – to explore the island

First, and perhaps most important, is to rent a bicycle as soon as you land. If you are thinking of spending all day on the island, then bicycles are very important. Arranmore is not only known for its stretch of road stretching along the coast and coves, but also known for its historic landmarks. Of course you can get around the island with your car, but the best way to experience it is cycling and stopping wherever it interests you.

Arranmore is a large island, and will take you most of the day to explore the land. The island offers electric bicycle rentals to help those who might struggle with travel so that everyone can go on an adventure. Visit the island by arriving with Irish Airports like https://irelandwestairport.com/

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2. Visit Arranmore Lighthouse – to travel to the past

Located on the northernmost point of the island, this ancient white lighthouse overlooks the vast North Atlantic Ocean extending endlessly to the horizon. The lighthouse itself is a historic landmark and has been around since 1978. It’s a spectacular building and, just like wherever you step on the island, you can’t help but feel the history of life around you.

3. Eat at the Early’s Bar – for a touch of tradition

Early’s Bar, along with several other pubs on Arranmore, is the best place for Irish tradition. The bar is easily found from the main port and is open almost 24 hours for those who don’t want to leave! Early’s is also home to some of the best grub the island has to offer, they even have a complete pizza oven and serve up one of the best pizzas in all of Donegal.

4. Chat with local people in their mother tongue – to feel cultured

Arranmore is home to many friendly locals, many of whom are native Irish speakers. This is Gaeltacht, an Irish speaking area, and the locals are very happy to chat with visitors and tell them about the sights and to teach them some of their native language. As you travel through the villages, you will locals chatting in Gaelic but don’t be worried about approaching them because they will be happy to share their knowledge of the language, and the island, with you.

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5. – Follow the sea safari

On the island, you’ll find boat rides and sea diving experiences off the island. They are fully equipped with all you need to explore the waters. This experience is truly special and offers different dives depending on your level of expertise and experience to see seals, dolphins and basking sharks. On the way to the dive site, tour guides will pass on fascinating historical knowledge as they have a wealth of knowledge of the local area.

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