7 reasons why you should eat onions every day

Caramelized, in soups, salads, ceviches, stews, sauces, scrambled eggs, empanadas … The onion is a vegetable with a long culinary tradition that brings all kinds of benefits for your body. The reasons why you should eat onions every day

Onion and garlic are, along with other products such as olive oil, two constants in the Mediterranean diet and source not only of delicious aromas and flavors -who does not love the smell of a good stir-fry prepared in the pan- but of multiple advantages for your health.

Today we focus on the onion, a vegetable with different varieties such as white, red or purple that rewards you for making you cry when you cut and pikes giving you the following and splendid benefits to your mind and body.

7 reasons to eat onions

It positively affects your blood circulation:  Onions contain quercetin to a high degree, in addition to silica, which prevents thrombosis and aging of the veins and arteries. It also helps reduce bad cholesterol, dissolves clots. And prevents anemia due to the contribution of phosphorus, iron, and vitamin E.

Control your weighteat onions

It has few calories and a high content of fiber, improving intestinal transit and purifying toxins thanks to its diuretic properties and the presence of potassium that together with the low sodium content is fantastic to avoid fluid retention. They also provide a feeling of fullness. So eat onions is good for health. Keep reading- The best drinks to lose weight

Relieves respiratory diseases such as cold or bronchitiseat onions

This is due to its richness in vitamins A and B, as well as sulfur. In fact, a traditional remedy to alleviate and relieve coughs is to sleep with a cut onion resting on the bedside table. It also improves asthma and inflammation.

It is good for the nervous systemeat onions

The presence of both vitamin B and potassium conducive to prevent diseases. And to improve the transmission and generation of the nerve impulse. The magnesium present in the onion also positively affects your muscular system. So eat onions is good for health.

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Combat agingeat onions

Antioxidants – vitamins A and C, sulfur and flavonoids. Such as quercetin and anthocyanin are responsible for preventing and combating cellular aging caused by free radicals.

It is recommended for children and pregnant women

The onion contributes to the growth of children and the proper development of the fetus in the first weeks of pregnancy due to the high presence of folates.

Prevents cancer

Due to its organic compounds rich in sulfur, the onion fights cancer, especially some types such as colon or stomach. Introducing it into your diet inhibits tumor growth and prevents the formation of free radicals by constituting a substantial source of antioxidants. So eat onions is good for health.

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