8 good allies of your reproductive health

Following a good diet and letting yourself be guided by the guidelines of traditional Chinese medicine will help you increase your fertility. We share good allies of your reproductive health.

The good allies of your reproductive health

1. GREEN LEAVESreproductive health

In vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, such as chard and spinach, folic acid is abundant.

In addition to being a basic vitamin in pregnancy, folic acid improves fertility.

2. GREEN TEAreproductive health

Green tea infusions are associated with better male fertility, although the mechanism is unknown.

Its richness in polyphenols such as epigallocatechin could be the cause.

3. PUMPKIN SEEDSreproductive health

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which, like selenium, enhance the quality of sperm.

The whole grains are another good source of zinc.


Flax, walnut and microalgae provide good doses of omega-3, an essential fatty acid for both female and male fertility.

5. MUSHROOMSreproductive health

The mushrooms provide abundant vitamin D, which influences the quality and mobility of sperm.

It is also found in eggs, bluefish and dairy products.


Many infertile women suffer stagnation of energy – chi – from liver or kidney chi insufficiency . An insufficient kidney chi produces cold, a determining factor in infertility for Chinese medicine.

Another possible cause of infertility is that the spleen does not generate enough chi and Xue (blood) or that it produces an excess of humidity.

7. PHYSICAL EXERCISEreproductive health

Taichi and chikung can be practiced, which stimulate the flow of vital energy.

In both disciplines, there are movements to improve the quality of sperm and to regulate the female cycle. It is one of the good allies of your reproductive health.

8. AVOID COOLINGreproductive health

Avoid cooling  (both by food, by eating too many raw) and by the weather.

Sexual moderation is also advised and a life with time for relaxation and contact with nature.

How traditional Chinese medicine helps us

The traditional Chinese medicine seeks to regulate imbalances in the energy system governing the operation and relations between the organs and body systems, including emotions.

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