A Box for Mobile Chargers

Learn how to make a box for placing mobile phone chargers and other electronic devices, in order to recharge in an elegant and harmonious.

Making a case for the phone charger

With the advent of more and more technology into our lives we have two ways: ending crowded environments cables and connectors, or make a great case for placing mobile phone chargers and other electronic devices, reusing items that you may already have at home. It is a decorative element that you can customize to your liking, and that within hide all cables electric charge of your device.

Home ImprovementThis charging station also can be done in many different ways, reusing boxes or items you have, or buying materials at extremely low prices. Prepare your tools and get to work to make an easy and convenient charger box to put all your electrocardiograms.

Materials and Supplies Needed

You can do this by adapting a wooden box, as the wine boxes, crates or other you have. You can also do it with styrofoam plates covered with the technique of decoupage and paper of different colors, or create it from scratch with wooden slats, as we’ll show here.

To make a charging station for electronic will need:

  • 2 square of MDF or MDF 5mm thickness of about 30×30 cm (about 12×12 inches)
  • 1 square of 5 mm MDF 29×29 cm (11×11 inches)
  • 4 strips of 5 mm MDF 30×12 cm (about 12×5 inches) with mitred or cut at an angle of 45° edges, to join them as a framework (or you can prepare two strips 30×12 / 12×5” and two slats 29×12 / 11×5” reducing 5mm on each side to create a simple frame),
  • 4 rubber (thick square rods) 3 cm square and 5 cm high (1,2×2 inches)
  • 2 small hinges
  • White glue, nails and hammer
  • Sergeants or tape to hold the wood while the glue dries
  • Drill
  • Flat wood drill 15 mm / 0.6 inches
  • One shoe, strip or power strip with extension (also known as “thief”, “power strip” and “steal-stream” )
  • Screwdrivers suitable for your electrical connection
  • Hot glue gun or insulating tape

Making a case for charging electronic devices

Make flat drilling bit at the bottom of one of the slats, which will place the back piece. Prepare all cuts of wood, glue joining first and then nailed the square base and the 4 slats which form the frame.

Place the 4 wooden blocks on the inner corners of the cube you just created. In the same bar you drilled to pass the electrical connection, places the two small hinges on the upper edge, lowering the timber to leave the level, and then fixed to one side of another large square, to be placed as a lid. Secured with tape or sergeants and allow the adhesive to set. Ready, paint the pieces to give the finish you want.

Meanwhile, make holes in something smaller square, as many as cables or chargers you want to put in your box. Disassemble the plug of the extension (the shoe), pass from inside and out through the hole you made ​​in one of the slats, and fly to mount the plug or connector. Using hot glue or insulating tape, strip fixed to the base of the box. Chargers connecting your devices, by passing the terminal from inside and up / out through the perforations of the inner square. Place glue on the blocks, if you want, or just put the square drilled on the blocks and within the box.

If you fear that your connector terminals fall within the box, you can reduce the diameter of the holes with a creative solution such as circles of sticky paper, hot glue or the solution that works best.

Luce your box for storing boots in any environment, keeping the cable back and out of sight. To connect a device, only lifts the lid, plug and place it there.

This charging station is a practical, decorative and highly sensational solution, you can do in just one afternoon’s work.

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