Are you Gas Safe?

Do you know where your Gas Safe certificate is? In the junk drawer, the cupboard under the stairs or your filing cabinet in the spare room? Chances are you have little idea where said document could be, unless you’re super organised and efficient. Do you even know what a Gas Safe certificate looks like?

Every year, approximately 5 million properties risk illegal installations and unsafe gas work being carried out in their homes. No matter whether the job is small, such as fitting a new cooker, every single appliance in your home must be installed by the right professional. And that’s a Gas Safe registered professional! For Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean, you can Find a boiler installation provider in the forest of dean here.

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Many homeowners rely on word of mouth recommendations when looking for tradespeople to carry out work on their homes. There’s no problem with that, as recommendations and reviews are important for businesses. People want to receive a good service and if someone you know has received good service using a certain tradesperson, you’ll be interested. The top factors that influence people when choosing a tradesperson are the following:

How much they charge

How efficient and tidy they are

The time the job will take

Are they reliable?

What about safety? It just doesn’t appear on that list does it? When the Gas Safe Register carried out a survey, it found only 11% of respondents had employed a tradesperson on their qualifications to do the job. We understand that people lead busy lives and it’s difficult to always make an even and considered decision about everything. However, when it comes to gas, safety needs to be much higher on the list of priorities.

More sobering statistics revealed that 65% of gas jobs that were carried out by illegal fitters were deemed unsafe. One fifth of these jobs was so dangerous that the appliances had to be disconnected immediately. That’s a worrying though. How many other homes are running unsafe appliances? Nobody wants to be that statistic.

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Some useful advice for homeowners:

  • When moving into a new property, ensure you receive all the gas safe certificates for gas appliances being left
  • You can still use the recommendations of others, but when you have their details, check them out on the Gas Safe Registered website.
  • When it’s time for gas appliances to be repaired, serviced or replaced, give yourself plenty of time to find a registered professional and don’t make a snap decision. Taking a shortcut here could end up costing you a lot more in the future.
  • Cutting corners on safety could have these undesirable effects – invalidate your warranty of your boiler, cost you more money to rectify in the long run and cause dangerous situations such as CO poisoning or an explosion.






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