Attending a Music Festival: 5 Helpful Safety Tips

Summer kicks off an eventful season of festivals that you and thousands of other music lovers will likely attend. While there you’ll get to enjoy your favorite bands, turned up to eleven, and an atmosphere of fun and excitement that the average concert-going experience simply can’t rival. But with that many people crammed into a small space, it should come as no surprise that your personal safety could be compromised if you aren’t careful. And not all threats come from other people, either. Here are a few helpful safety tips that will ensure you have the best time when you attend a summer music festival.

  1. Pack water. When you’re dancing, jumping, and walking around in the heat of summer, you can easily become dehydrated, suffering from headache, nausea, and even heat stroke if you’re not careful. And while some festivals provide drinking water, and all of them sell it, you might just want to bring plenty of your own to make sure you are well-hydrated for the duration of the event. Packing snacks is a good idea, as well, especially if you want to save some of your money for souvenir t-shirts instead of blowing it all on overpriced food and drinks at the festival.
  2. Use sunblock. Even if you bring a hat and protective clothing to the festival, there’s a good chance you’ll want to strip off some layers to cool down during the day. And it’s all too easy to get a sunburn that could ruin your whole experience (and boost your chances of melanoma in the process). So pack plenty of broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunblock to apply and reapply as directed in order to limit sun damage when you’re unable to limit exposure. Don’t forget SPF lip balm and appropriate sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  3. Leave valuables at home or keep them on you. Packing light is the name of the game when you attend summer music festivals. It’s about bringing just what you’re going to need to get by for a few days. And if you tote along a lot of unnecessary valuables you’re only making yourself a target for theft. So leave valuable items like jewelry, expensive clothing, and wads of cash at home. That way if something gets lost or stolen you won’t feel too badly about it.
  4. Watch your food and drinks. The anonymity of a festival crowd can be a draw for predators. And it doesn’t take much of a drug like rohypnol slipped into unattended food or drinks to knock you out and leave you vulnerable. So if you take your eyes off your vittles, you might as well give up on eating or drinking them. In addition, be very careful about taking anything that could leave you impaired and susceptible to attack.
  5. Stick with trusted friends. Just like you trust DownBeats ear buds to protect your ear drums, you can rely on your friends to protect you from unscrupulous parties that might try to take advantage of a lone festival-goer. If you want to maintain your safety at music festivals, you really need to attend with friends that you know have your back. Whether you need them to watch your stuff while you hit the head or you don’t want to wander alone after dark, having trusted friends with you will help to ensure the safety of all, allowing you to get maximum enjoyment out of any music festival you attend.

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