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Genio App Review

Genio, a workforce management software for the retail industry has caused a major stir in the technology industry. You may not know this yet but Genio is one of the best workforce management software’s out there. With the Genio App … read more

Three advantages of a grease trap

Grease traps are essential for any commercial kitchen. In addition to making good financial sense, they also offer many environmental advantages. Image Credit 1. Preventing Blockages The main purpose of a grease trap is to protect drainage systems by catching … read more

Fascinating Fire Facts

Fire is not a thing. Confused? Well, strictly speaking, fire is an event and not a thing. Chemical reactions occur when the heating of wood or another fuel releases vapours that quickly combust in the oxygen in the air. That … read more

How snow affects flat roofs

Snow is often an attractive addition to the winter months, giving a white blanket on top of everything. However, there are some areas where snow can cause a nuisance or even a danger. We think of roads being more dangerous … read more