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In our society nowadays where crime such as theft, robbery and even murder has been rampant, it is just timely that we now boost our lines of defense to prevent these incidents. Since then, establishments have been using closed circuit television or CCTV in order for them and their security personnel to monitor their areas at real time. Even residential houses have been incorporating these to keep their homes safe from burglars. Old CCTV systems, however, only have low-resolution cameras that make viewers of the footages have a hard time identifying the persons going in or out of the establishment. If an untoward incident happened within your establishment’s vicinity, how would now then figure out those committing the crime if you cannot even see clearly the faces of those involved?

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Available now in the market are we call HD-SDI cameras that mean high definition serial digital interface cameras. It uses a BNC connector for its wiring to accommodate a bit rate of 1.465 Gb/s which is enough to carry HD quality videos. Since HD has been a staple for most of our smart phones, why not we use it for security where it could be most helpful? CCTV systems for establishments have to be upgraded in such a way that the concept of recorded monitoring is achieved at its maximum. Why record and stay with systems that give you pixelated and blurred output? HDSDI CCTV systems may cost you much but it will be a good investment.

First things first – have your place evaluated by somebody who is professional in installing HD-SDI CCTV systems. When having surveillance systems, one does not just put the cameras at places he may desire. In placing of the cameras, places that are not usually seen or places where the camera can be hidden are usually considered. You would not just let one of your cameras be easily stolen, of course. Second, you determine the number of cameras to be used. However, some CCTV packages have a predefined number of cameras depending of course how big or how small the area you want to monitor. Third, consider how large your server’s file space is. When we talk of ‘high-definition’, it means that it has a bigger file size as compared to videos of standard definition. Usually, distributors of surveillance systems will give you servers which can hold up to 500 GB to 1 TB of video data.

Lastly is the DVR card you are going to use. Usually this comes with the package already but it will be good if you are going to check its specifications. Check how many video or audio inputs it can accept, whether it can be remotely accessed by smart phones be it Android or Apple, and of course the software which will provide you a guided user interface to manipulate your system.

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