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Bath is a city that has a long and reputable history and each year thousands of tourists visit some of the most popular attractions in the surrounding area including the Roman Baths. If you are one of the lucky people who used a Estate Agents Bath like https://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk/ to find you an incredible property you will have some of these places available to you all year round.

Here are some of the places you might want to consider visiting:

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  • Roman Baths – any trip to Bath must include a visit to these ancient baths along with the Temple of Sulis Minerva. They were built by the Romans around the city’s three large natural springs and became a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Many archaeological digs have taken place on the site and some incredible artefacts and mosaics have been uncovered. The waters at the site originate from 10,000 feet below the baths and are at a consistent temperature of 46.5 degrees centigrade. If you are intrigued and tempted by the prospects of the waters then you can sign up for a spa experience on the Baths own website.
  • The Royal Crescent – although not an attraction in the traditional sense it is definitely worth taking a walk along the crescent and experiencing the Georgian architecture. If you want to see a model of the city of Bath and find out more about how the architecture of the city has been influenced by the classic designs of the Georgian period then a visit to the Building of Bath Collection Museum should be on your to do list.

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  • Bath Abbey – a Gothic style building on a site that has been in use as a place of Christian worship since 757 AD. The building that stands today has roots back to 1499 when it was founded by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
  • Fashion Museum – if you are interested in fashion and clothing then the Fashion Museum will have items that you will enjoy spending the day looking at. There are around 150 fully dressed mannequins with over 30,000 individual items that date from around the latter part of the 16th Century through to the present day.

There are many more places in and around the town that you may want to consider visiting and Bath is set in some of beautiful landscapes that are also worth exploring.

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