Being inventive when it comes to charity

Autumn is here, the weather is closing in and the memories of your summer holidays are fading. Unless you are on a gap year or going away on business, this may be the last time you will think about foreign climes until you start planning your ski holiday. However, England might be rainy and cold but it’s also unquestionably comfortable and our first world luxuries are often taken for granted.

Being inventive when it comes to charity

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The Syrian Crisis

When a crisis is felt on a global scale, such as the situation with the Syrian Refugees, it affects us all to some degree and to many it’s a stark reminder that a large proportion of the world is less fortunate than us. If you, like much of Britain, wish there was more you could do then check out some of the ideas below.

First of all visit the website to find out what charities most appeal to you. Donating cash is the obvious route, but there are so many other ways to help too.

If you want to give but are wary of sending money then why not visit and donate a gift. You can buy anything from piglets to apple trees. A great idea for Christmas presents in lieu of another pack of socks for Dad.

If you want to make it more personal, you can sponsor a child or animal, paying a one off amount or a little every month to support. You will get to see how your money makes a difference rather than donating to an anonymous source.

If you aren’t feeling flush, then picking a company that has the same ethical intentions as yourself is a easy way of ensuring that the pennies in your pocket reach a person that really needs it, rather than lining the fur pockets of someone that doesn’t.

Corporate Giving

There is a charitable group called Businesses Against Poverty that is formed of businesses from all industries, who make caring about those less fortunate an integral part of their brand. The initiative is about forming communities that will work together in support of People against Poverty, helping to ensure that people in need are fed, clothed, educated or provided medical care. If you are still dreaming of a winter escape then consider using a travel company on the site such as Monster Travel; people who are at the frontline when it comes to seeing how other countries are faring and using their influences for good.

Finally if you’ve opted for a winter sun break and are already booked, packed and ready to go, then think about what you can do when you get there. Some of the most rewarding holiday memories are made when you go off the beaten track and volunteer. Visit this website to get some ideas you’ll experience a once in a life time holiday and make others feel amazing too.

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