Brazil’s Ghost Start Elevator Prank and 9 Other Terrifying Hoaxes

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for anyone to be in the mood for a good prank. Although shows like “Candid Camera” paved the way for our inner sadist to get its kicks, the bar has been raised. The more fear a prankster can drive into their victim, the funnier and more effective the joke can become.

While victims of these over the top pranks seldom appreciate the humor right away, voyeurs and those initiating the pranks are well entertained. Many pranks have been created over the years, but one trend seems to be consistent. With every new prank comes a new level of horrific hilarity.

Elevator Prank

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The Silvio Santos Program concocted a devious prank in an elevator—though luckily it had nothing to do with elevator surfing. The Brazilian prank begins with someone entering an empty elevator. At some point the lights go out and the elevator stops. In the darkness a child in worn out clothing holding an old doll comes out from a panel in the elevator. When the lights return, victims are frightened by the little girl’s screams.

Another Brazilian favorite has a child crying on the street with her head in her lap. When good Samaritans see to the child, they are scared off when the child lifts her head to reveal a melted face. The child chases the victim on foot, adding to the terror.

Two women looking for a ride home hop into a taxi and buckle up for a ride they never imagined themselves taking. A few moments into the ride, the driver begins snarling and talking to himself as if answering to someone controlling him. Beating himself on the head, the driver has the women scared and trying to make him pull over. The driver pulls out a gun and shoots himself only to arise unharmed and transformed into a werewolf.

Women in a hair salon sit and are tended to. The haunting image of a decayed woman flashes in the mirror in front of them. The ghostly images are frightening and confusing to each patron.

Chucky was famous decades ago, but he still hasn’t lost his fear factor. While waiting on a bus stop, people are startled by a life-size Chucky doll ripping out of an advertisement. He chases behind scared victims with his signature blade.

Duos of maids are led into an empty house to clean. Once inside, they are locked in one of the rooms and terrified by a moving doll and glowing satanic eyes in the dark.

While two friends drive down a dark road, the driver stops the car to relieve himself. He returns to the car terrified by a ghostly woman who ends up appearing in the backseat of the car.

A baby sitter gets more than he bargained for when Allyssa’s dead sister wants to play. The baby sitter is freaked out by moving objects and the image of the deceased child.

Mysterious conversations surrounding a woman in labor in a hospital room leaves one receptionist afraid. When Satan’s child is delivered, all hell breaks loose. (Pun intended)

The devious minds at DM Pranks flooded the city with zombies. With shows like iZombie and The Walking Dead filling minds with apocalyptic doom, it’s no wonder so many citizens were ready to run for their lives.

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