California Ammunition Laws

Even though the second amendment gives citizens the inalienable right to own weapons, there are some states that make it difficult to buy guns and to buy ammunition. Indeed, California has some of the strictest laws regarding gun and ammo ownership. Many of these laws are put in place to protect people. There have been a lot of mass shootings in the last few years, so legislators want to regulate the amount of people that can legally own firearms. If you are looking to purchase ammunitions, but are curious about some of the ammunition laws, it may be smart to do your research. Here are some California ammunition laws.

Ammunition Laws

  1. You do not need a background check to purchase munitions. In the state of California, you do not need a background check to purchase ammunition. Of course, you’ll need a background check to purchase weapons, but ammunition is not regulated in that way.
  2. Your ammo could be confiscated if you are later found to be unsafe to own weapons. If you are found to be unsafe to own weapons, not only could you get your weapons taken away – your munitions can also be confiscated. Moreover, you may be banned from purchasing or owning ammo in the future. This is especially the case if you were convicted of a felony involving a firearm.
  3. You are not allowed to use lead munitions when you are hunting large game. In a big win for conservationists, it is now illegal in the state of California to hunt large game like deer with lead bullets. These bullets are considered traditional ammo and they are very hard to find. Of course, you can visit Diamond K Brass for a wide selection of non-traditional bullets, but if you were to purchase ammo from your local gun store, there is a good chance that they won’t be in stock. When this law was passed, avid hunters were angry and felt like their rights were taken away.
  4. Munitions for detachable magazines are legal. While it is illegal to hunt with lead munitions, you can still buy ammunition for detachable magazines. Legislators and voters tried to create a law to make this type of ammo illegal, but they failed in their efforts. Some guns that have a detachable magazine include automatic rifles and military style weapons that are legal. If an ammo store tells you that this type of ammo is illegal, you can tell the proprietor that the law was rejected.
  5. Body armor piercing bullets can only be used by police officers in uniform. When it comes down to it, you cannot purchase bullets that are intended to pierce body armor. This type of ammunition is squarely reserved for the police and military. These bullets are extremely dangerous and deadly – there is also no real use for them outside of a police context. In the end, if you have a stash of these bullets, you may be breaking the law.

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