Can Infomercials Warp Your Brain

I’m not quite sure who asked me if I thought infomercials warped your brain, but at the time I didn’t think must about it. Then the other night, the question popped back into my head. And the first thought that came to me was that I guess it depends on the person and the meaning of the word “warp”.

When I think of someone being warped, I usually think about a person being a bit odd or even crazy.  And even the word “crazy” can mean different things to different people. So for someone to think about an infomercial warping your brain is a thought provoking idea.

From my own personal experience, I have watched my share of infomercials especially when I can’t sleep or there’s really nothing else at that time. Most of the time, infomercials remind me of my mother and her passion for television shopping. When she was alive, there probably wasn’t a day that didn’t go by that a package didn’t come to her doorstep.

The meaning of warping to me is probably more defined as an impulse or compulsion to buy rather than crazy or damaged. So with that in mind, it would depend on the person as to whether infomercials warp your brain. I don’t think the intention of infomercials is to warp your brain, but they do make it easy to shop in the comfort of your own home.

If you are a compulsive shopper, then infomercials are probably like candy. With their unique way of selling to the average consumer and their soft-sell approach, a person could definitely get hooked on them. The interesting thing about infomercials is that there isn’t a shortage of unique products out there and the way that they pull you into believing the promotion of their product is astounding.

My mother would sit for hours watching people promote everything from jewelry to cleaning products.  And I can still hear her say things like “well look at that” or “wow, I’ve just got to get one of those”.  Probably one of her proudest moments was getting a horn tweet when she spoke with one of live pitchmen on a popular home shopping channel.

Although I must admit that I’ve never bought a product from television, I do check out infomercial products that I come across at Target or Walmart. I like to look at them especially those that I personally wonder who would ever think of that. Maybe it’s a little bit of jealously on my part since I sometimes wonder why I didn’t think of a product before it came to the market.

Infomercials are very good at their purpose and that’s to sell you a product that you didn’t know you needed but just can’t live without now. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that since the direct marketing business is worth billions of dollars to companies like AS Seen on TV. I actually have to say that infomercials have a lot to teach anyone in business the best approach to marketing their own products. They’ve perfected a way of selling that is unlike anything else out there today.

So if I had to give an honest answer to the question of whether infomercials warp the brain, I would probably say no. But I would say that they do evoke a passion in people who love a great bargain and love getting a good value. Best part is that they come looking for you as the consumer and in the privacy of your own home.

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