Candles for Rituals New Year

For the New Year, nothing like lighting candles and doing rituals. Learn to choose those that will attract happiness, prosperity and health for the whole family.

Rituals with candles for New Year

Turn ritual candles New Year is a great way to attract positive energies, prosperity and abundance to the new cycle begins. But not all are equal, nor the same objectives. So today we tell you the best options candles for the New Year , so you fill the space in the most appropriate light for your New Year.

LifestyleWhen light candles for a ritual New Year

It is important to light the candles few minutes before they hit the last twelve strokes, so that the year begins in the dim light so full of energy you have chosen, according to your goals and wishes for the new cycle begins.

But you must meet safety first. If you’re going out of your house and dine somewhere else, be sure to turn the candles for New Year just before leaving (to see if the persistent calls until midnight), and leave well into the rack in the kitchen or on the shower floor, ie, in a place where there threatened to cause a fire or burn things over there. Remember to put the candles on a plate with some water , so that no heat or run any danger.

When lighting the candle for year-end ritual , either at the meeting or before you leave home, you should enunciate words of love and good wishes for the whole family and presents. There are words that are key to getting the best of the candles on New Year’s Eve rituals as “forgiveness”, “happiness”, “health” and “love”.

The color of the candles Rituals Year

The color of the candles for the New Year rituals is other important, much more than its size or shape. Consider these concepts to choose them:

  • The yellow candles are great for calling new businesses, projects and challenging activities, in labor or others that you propose.
  • The blue candles are the best to achieve your new career and employment goals, if you want a better position in the coming year, that’s your color.
  • White candles are healing, physical and emotional healing, are the sails for New Year rituals that want to turn to have a year of peace and harmony.
  • The golden candles are the most appropriate to attract money and wealth (rather material) into your life.
  • Red candles are what you need to revive the passion in your life, and attract love or strengthen the bond with your partner.
  • Pink candles are ideal to find a new love, or to renew your life.
  • Candles Ritual Year’s Eve greens are what you need to attract and promote health and wellness in the family and presents.
  • The purple candles (lilac, purple) are those that want to switch to transmute negative into positive, and to ward off bad energy in your life.

Note the color of your candles for the New Year and, when switched on, say positive words, bearing in mind (or stating out loud, if you want) that goal you want to achieve in the coming year. Something as simple as lighting candles for New Year rituals , many as you like and the colors you need, make a positive change and beneficial in every aspect of your life

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