Caring for an Elderly Relative

People are now living longer than ever – this is great news for all of us, as we all want to have a long and happy retirement, and thanks to better healthcare and more awareness of good lifestyle choices, the population has never been so healthy. Although all of this is great news, it also means that with a larger older population, there is a lot of demand on care services when they are needed. Many people find themselves in a position where they are now caring for an elderly parent or relative at home, rather than going down the care home route. There are pros and cons to both, but if you are in a position where you are going to be caring for an elderly person at home, here are a few things to think about so you know what to expect, and ensure that you and the person that you are caring for are both happy and healthy…

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Check what sort of financial help you are entitled to – If you are a carer, you may find that you are not able to work as much as you did before (depending on how much outside help you have and how severe the persons needs are that you are caring for) – it is always worth checking if you are eligible for any financial help from the government whilst you are caring for someone.

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Make sure that the home the person is living in is suitable for their needs – If the person is suffering from an illness, make sure that you can accommodate them, and if necessary make any adjustments to the home as soon as you can. An elderly person may be less mobile, so a downstairs toilet and bathroom are a good idea, and even living accommodation all on the ground floor, including the bed so they will not have to negotiate the stairs. Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to the cold so make sure that you have good heating and your home is always kept at a comfortable temperature. Get you boiler serviced regularly by a professional, such as boiler servicing Gloucester company to make sure that you always have heating that is in good working order.

Take time out for you – Caring for someone can be emotionally and physically exhausting, and it is important to remember that you need to take care of yourself too! Do activities that you enjoy regularly – whether it is a walk in the countryside, a trip to the cinema, or a coffee with a friend – make sure that you are still able to do things that you enjoy.

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