Choosing a Newborn or Maternity Photographer: 5 Factors to Consider

If you’ve gone through the process of finding a wedding photographer, you already know how difficult it can be to narrow down your options to a professional that not only exemplifies your personal style preferences, but also fits your budget and your time table. And while you might be tempted to simply ring up the same photographer you’ve used in the past when it comes time to take maternity and newborn snapshots, the truth is that you may be looking for something entirely different than the pictures you’ve gotten in the past. Before you select an appropriate service provider/artist, you need to do your homework. Here are a few factors you’ll want to consider.

Choosing a Newborn or Maternity Photographer

  1. This is perhaps the main factor when choosing a photographer to memorialize the short-lived period during your pregnancy and/or your baby’s infancy. This type of photography is rather specific, for one thing, but it’s also really easy to get it wrong. You therefore want a professional that has some experience. At the very least, you’ll want to see samples of the type of photos you’re looking for. But you should also make sure that the style of such photos displays the quality and artistry you require. If you want the same baby picture that’s on everyone’s mantle, you’d go to a photography studio in a department store and save some dough.
  2. Location shoots. You might not think this is important until you’re so pregnant that you’re having trouble sitting down and standing up, much less making your way to a studio. And once you have a newborn to care for, even the simplest tasks are made more difficult by lack of sleep and the attention you’re devoting to the learning curve that comes with infants. So a photographer that is willing to come to you is a godsend.
  3. Any new parent will agree that babies are pretty expensive. And when you’re dealing with hospital bills and the costs of a nursery, clothing, bottles, strollers, and tons of other baby stuff, you might not have a lot of extra cash to blow on professional photos. Of course, it’s important to capture these fleeting moments on film, but a pro that’s willing to work with your budget is priceless – well, fairly priced, anyway.
  4. Whether you’d like to get some commemorative shots of your third-trimester body or you want to capture your infant in the first days of his or her life, there is definitely a timing issue associated with maternity and newborn photography. So you need to find a professional that has some availability within your preferred window. Of course, planning early can help to secure the services of your first-choice photographer. But since you can’t accurately predict the birth date of your child, this can be difficult. A photographer that’s willing to be flexible is therefore preferable.
  5. You can certainly take newborn photos on your own, especially with all the bells and whistles that come with digital cameras and even mobile phones these days. But you hire a professional service like Alyssa Albers Photography because of the artistic aesthetic that’s brought to the table. You just need to view galleries until you find the photos that speak to your personal taste.

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