Creating Unique Catering Experiences

When it comes to wedding catering, many couples like to keep it traditional. As a result, the three-course wedding breakfast remains a key convention of plenty of nuptials up and down the country. But for those who dare to be different, just what can you do to make a wedding’s catering unique?

Not just finger food

A buffet has long been a popular choice at weddings, whether as an alternative to the sit-down meal or as part of the evening entertainment. But if piles of unappetising chicken drumsticks and anaemic sausage rolls put you off, there are ways to make the humble buffet something quite spectacular.

One perennial issue with buffets is the balancing act between plate, handbag, small child, champagne flute and so on…so how about designing a wedding buffet where everything, absolutely everything, is edible. Spoons made from pastry or cones made from rice paper can be both creative and practical and solve those balancing act difficulties!

On a similar note, a simple change in presentation can elevate a buffet to something much more special. Investing in a range of interesting catering supplies, perhaps Martini glasses or cake stands, on which to present the buffet food can create a sophisticated style with the most everyday of ingredients.

Catering Experiences

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Going global

Britain’s changing taste in food has been well-documented, and it seems that many couples are choosing to reflect this shift in their wedding catering choices. For many, the fear of offending guests by offering anything more exotic than meat and two veg is too sizeable to get over. But one way you can cater for all tastes is to offer a range of choices on a street food theme. Organising a variety stands or carts, each proffering a different world cuisine, can ensure every guest leaves satisfied.

However, as much as tastes do change, the rise in ‘vintage’ weddings does mean that for some it is not so much a case of new food, but presenting old food in a new way. So alongside the increasingly popular hog roast, why not offer your guests home-made pies, home-grown fruit and veg and even home-brewed ale or wine to give the impression of a traditional English wedding with a modern twist.

Treats for everyone

Of course, in addition to feeding your guests a well-balanced meal you mustn’t forget to treat them to something else special. With news of a possible Prosecco shortage, panicking many brides and grooms to be, now might be a good time to think of an alternative to the usual sparkling offering. Using products such as those sold at, you could create the authentic feel of a vibrant and exciting cocktail bar. Maybe you could even have special cocktails designed for the day, inspired by the happy couple!

And last, but not least, the cake. More and more couples for example are replacing the traditional three-tier affair with personalised, individual cupcakes; not only can this solve the cake conundrum, it can also double as a wedding favour meaning both bases are covered with ease.

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