Dealing with Retirement

When a person retires it becomes 24 hours free of obligations. This sudden change can lead to depression and other problems. Here are some suggestions for coping with retirement.

The problem retire at work

Retirement or removal work activity is, for everyone, a very important change involves many things. First, a substantial change of timing. Of a sudden, you go from working long hours, have no mandatory work activity. Second, the intrinsic meaning of retirement, which presupposes that the person is no longer able to work, if sometimes this is not real.

RetirementMany people who are reaching retirement age still feel very active and force to stop working, and this generates anxiety difficult to handle because they do not know what will and what will from now on.

They are frequent depressions and stress by not knowing how to handle these changes in life and anxiety.

Phasing out an option

As a first step, it is advisable that the withdrawal or retirement becomes gradually and progressively, meaning that the person slowly starts to reduce their working hours, reaching not working. A good option is to do throughout the year, dividing it into quarters. Thus, the change will not be as sharp, and habituation to time will be more gradual.

Activities after retirement

Moreover, it is advisable that a person who always worked, continue doing activities after his retirement. This is the best opportunity to do everything that was postponed due to time constraints: language courses, weaving, crafts, movies, join the pool, a new course, etc.

There is also the possibility to continue working even if “in black”, for example via the Internet.

Physical exercise, at least go for a walk to the supermarket. Exercise not only keeps the body health, but contributes to mental health.

And last but not least, this period of life should be exploited to grow and create new friendships. Share with peers is always positive and healthy.

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