Delivering parcels across the centuries

We rely heavily on our vehicles for transporting not only ourselves but also any items and products that we may need whether that is food shopping or the delivery of an items that you have ordered on the internet or in my case the much-loved trip to Ikea that always results in my not having enough space in my car for the journey home. This is where I now utilise Same Day Courier Services to help with any of my personal or business delivery needs.

But did you know that Same Day Courier Services, of a fashion, have been running in one form or another for many years as people have been moving items from one place to another for thousands of years. The Egyptians for example had to move the stones and materials needed for their pyramids over large distances.

Animals –  We have often used animals as a part of our workforce. Whether this is to help us pull carts and other heavy items, to power our machinery or simply to carry an individual in order for them to carry out their job. Here are a few of the animals we have used in the past and some that we continue to utilise today.

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  • Carrier pigeons were used to deliver important documents such as post items and before the introduction of motor vehicles packages and parcels were always delivered by man or animal.
  • Camels – these animals have been used around the world to carry individuals across a variety if landscapes and in Australia they were once used to carry post items and packages along the distances that were seen as too long for a person to carry them. Once the railroads were built and began being utilised in 1929 camels were no longer used.
  • Dogs – dogsleds have in the past and currently are used as a way to carry people across snowy and icy terrain. In Alaska from 1890-1963 these dogsleds were used to carry post and packages as well as the individual delivering them. A 10-dog sled could carry a combined weight of around 700 lbs.

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  • Horses – we are all aware of the working nature of horses and they have long been used to pull carts and carriages whether these contain people or delivery items. The Pony Express was a sophisticated network of horse riding postal workers who would deliver items from the east to the west of North America

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