Differences between diesel and gasoline cars

If you are in doubt about buying a diesel or petrol car, as you must be aware of the advantages of each. In this paper we analyze.

What to buy, car diesel or gasoline?

Cars can be classified in many ways, and one of the most common is depending on what fuel use, being the two most popular diesel and gasoline or naphtha. But what are the differences between cars that run on diesel and gasoline that do they? How to decide when buying a vehicle or other?

AutoA diesel, the same model with the same power and same performance car, is usually always more expensive than its gasoline counterpart. Moreover, you should also consider the cost of fuel, and it does not cost the same liter of gasoline than diesel, the second generally lower than gasoline.

Advantages diesel car

Among the advantages of diesel car, we find that has a very efficient engine and its consumption is quite fits advertised by the manufacturer (e.g. 5 liters per 100 km.). But then, their operation costs more to maintain, and this will be noted in your pocket when you take your vehicle diesel to periodic review, any portion of the engine fails and acudas mechanical, and even at the annual insurance policy, which is usually calculated according to the market price of the vehicle.

Another advantage of diesel is that the vehicle is neglected least because they often hold more than his brothers gasoline mileage, and therefore may take more years of life. In addition, if resold, diesel will be for a higher price.

What should car diesel or gasoline?

Views these differences, what is better, petrol or diesel?

It depends on the needs of each, usually they say that if you’re going to use your vehicle to 15,000 km. annual (or 300 per week) is not profitable purchase a diesel car, since short-term non advantages of such mechanism is amortized (remember that mainly are engines more efficient use cheaper fuel and have less wear).

However, this depends very much on the type of car, the average consumption of the same and annual kilometers traveled.

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