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Digital marketing has been with us for some time now and it provides marketers and businesses opportunities to make contact with markets that seemed previously out of reach, both domestic and global. The downside of this element of your marketing strategy is that it is always changing and moving forward. New developments and models seem to present themselves on a weekly basis, no sooner had you got your head around email marketing than along came Facebook and Twitter.

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According to Forbes, it’s important for a business to have a strong web presence in an increasingly digital age and it should always form part of a business marketing strategy. So, it’s vital to keep on top of trends and monitor the state of the digital market to help you be both reactive to sudden change and proactive to emerging trends.

Online adverts

Unsurprisingly, recent research has shown that pop up adverts and those that sit across content are two of the most annoying digital formats for users. But an advert that scrolls down the side of the screen as they read is felt less invasive. Users also still appear happy with MPU or leaderboard adverts that remain static at the top, bottom or side of the page. In the demographic aged 12 to 17 users felt that YouTube specifically was overloaded with adverts.

These statistics seem to indicate that more careful consideration needs to be taken by businesses about the placement and type of digital ad units used.

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If you’re looking at ways to increase the digital footprint of your business but you’re not sure how to start or how to develop it further, there are plenty of websites who can help, such as a who are a Gloucestershire Branding Agency who offer a great service.

Mobile payments are on the up

Over the last three to four years the number of consumers who used a mobile device to make payments online has increased significantly across Europe and America. Confidence that banks and businesses can keep their money and data safe has contributed to this. Phone technology has really come on with password protection and fingerprint technology.

Battle of the video streaming giants

Of the two most well-known video streaming suppliers, Netflix and Amazon Prime, Netflix is still ahead. It’s believed that nearly double the amount of web users watch Netflix monthly than Amazon Prime.

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