Is Drupal Easy to Use?

It may not be the best-known CMS platform, but Drupal is a popular choice for web developers and designers because it is so customisable, and best of all, it’s completely free to install and use. Like WordPress it’s backed by a huge online community of fans, who all contribute to the open-source development, which also provides excellent levels of support through its community forums.

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According to an infographic created by Entrepreneur, Drupal is the oldest of the open-source CMS platforms, having been created as long ago as 2001, with both WordPress and Joomla coming into being around two years later. With 2,000 free themes and more than 26,000 available plug-ins, Drupal is a serious contender for creating beautiful bespoke blogs and websites. As the power behind top brands, including Tesla, eBay and Twitter, it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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More Complicated Than WordPress?

One of the main objections that people put forward for steering clear of Drupal is the supposed complexity of the platform. Many users complain that it’s difficult to understand and engage with, but in the most part that’s probably because they’ve been spoilt by the easy accessibility of WordPress.

However, the platform’s endless adaptability and plethora of helpful and useful plug-ins make it superior to WordPress when creating beautiful and functional websites that can grow with your business. Admittedly, it’s a difficult platform to master for anyone with very limited knowledge of programming or web development, but professional web designers who constantly work with Drupal consider it the most adaptable and useful tool in their arsenal.

It’s important to use a dedicated Drupal design agency, as only then can you be sure that the team members understand every aspect of the software, which is of prime importance when building a multi-page website. Make sure you select a Drupal Design Agency with a proven track record and that places an emphasis on user experience.

Superior Flexibility and Functionality

Designed by developers for use by developers, Drupal provides elements of website design and maintenance that are unrivalled by any other platform, and it is this functionality which perhaps makes it difficult for beginners to master. But it’s easy enough to learn how to use the CMS once your site has been set up, and professional assistance is only ever a phone call away.


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