Dublin Europe’s most western city.

When it became a member of the European Economic Community, what the EU was called before it became the European Union, in 1973 it got many benefits, but it also won most western city in the EU award. There isn’t an award more of an accolade or a statistic. Whatever its position its great city one off the finest in Europe and it has a vibrancy that no one could ever fail to miss. Perhaps it’s because it has a statue of the old reprobate Phil Lynton along with one for the Father of modern Conservatism Edmund Burke that you see this is city that likes to have fun and a laugh or the craic as the put it in Gaelic. One thing for sure there is a lot going on there and an Events Agency Dublin can really sort you out with what do if your organising one. Try Events Agency Dublin to see what I mean.

What to see and do in Dublin. There is not enough words but will go through a few things. First off, it’s a really good idea to get yourself on the open topped bus tour as it will take you loads of pints of interest. Its available on O’Connell Street which is the main road and has all the shops and restaurants you would expect to find in this modern bustling city. It also has the Post Office. Ok not the most exciting thing you’d thin but if you look on the outside you will see a series of holes. These are bullet holes that show how the post office was used as a base for Republicans during the Easter uprising as the Irish sought independence from the British crown. Inside is a beautiful art deco interior that has frescos to the Republicans that fought and died. There are statues on the street that also still bear the scars.

First stop after all that should be the St James Street Brewery. This is where they make the Guinness, Irelands most famous stout drink. Word to the wise if you don’t like Guinness then you might be a bit stuck in Ireland as its everywhere. You can go up through the old Building looking at how its made now and int eh past plus they look at the culture surrounding the drink and its advertising. You get a free pint, or a substitute, don’t worry, at the very top the highest point in Dublin and no building can go any higher. It’ll be the best pint you’ll ever have.

A trip down to Kilmainham Jail is also worthwhile. You can see the conditions the prisoners were living in and also where Mr Bridger walks down after the success of the Italian job. That’s not all there is Temple bar Grafton Street, the Book of Kells and Trinty College, a literary walking tour, a Viking tour in an amphibious craft and so many brilliant bars and cafe you be far too busy.

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