Five ways to attract customers to your pub

The face of pub clientele has changed dramatically over the last few decades. It is more than 20 years since all-day drinking was introduced – some of today’s clientele weren’t even born then!

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There has also been far more information in the public domain about what constitutes a sensible level of alcohol consumption. According to the NHS, we should not regularly be drinking more than 14 units in any given week.

Drinking habits, particularly among the younger generation, have changed considerably, so how do you continue to attract customers to your pub?

Get down with the kids

Millennials as a group are constantly ‘switched on’, with smartphones and tablets seemingly an extension of the person. Millennials need to be entertained in some way to stop boredom setting in. Pubs need to tap into this by providing some form of entertainment that will keep them coming back.

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Create an exceptional customer experience

This goes without saying in any type of business, but particularly in the licensed trade. People come out to enjoy a drink socially and the service and experience they receive can be on social media sites in two seconds flat. Make sure the feedback is positive!

No alcohol shouldn’t mean no fun

The younger generation no longer values quantity over quality. If they are drinking alcohol, it is likely to be of the premium variety but in smaller quantities. Equally, many young adults do not really drink at all, so the range of non-alcoholic beverages needs to be exciting. Consider adding some more exciting soft drinks to the standard cola menu, such as post mix juices in interesting flavours. Post Mix Juices can be bought online at and from other suppliers.

Change up the menu

Keeping things fresh is key, with changing up parts of the food and drink menu regularly key to keeping your customers coming back. The variety of post mix juices you stock, trying out a few new local microbreweries and adding interesting, locally-sourced food items will all help.

Jump on the food train

Food is big business in this digital era, with Instagram in particular packed full of photos of people’s food. To the older generation, this is a strange concept; however, millennials won’t miss the opportunity to post a picture of their dazzling desert or luscious lunch.


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