Florida Knife Law Basics

If you live in Florida and you are thinking of purchasing a knife, it is important to know the laws. Indeed, Florida knife laws may be a little lest strict than knife restrictions in other states, but there are some firm laws nonetheless. It is important to know these rules and regulations so that you don’t find yourself in trouble. Many people have stepped into trouble without even realizing it. When it comes down to it, knives are weapons, so they are going to be regulated. Not only are they weapons, but they are also one of the most deadly weapons available. Here are some Florida knife law basics.

Knife Law Basics

  1. Self-propelling knives are illegal. Self-propelling knives, like switch blades, or blades that shoot out using a spring action, are strictly forbidden in Florida. The reasons behind this law are simple: self-propelling knives are incredibly dangerous and potentially lethal. This is not only the case for the public, but also the owner of the knife.
  2. It is illegal to sell knives to minors. Of course, it is illegal to sell knives to minors in the state of Florida. This may seem like an obvious law, but it actually has a lot of unforeseen implications. If you are the owner of a shop that sells knives, or if you are selling a knife online, you may unwittingly sell to a minor. This is why you want to check IDs before you sell a knife to someone – you don’t want to be arrested or receive an infraction because you didn’t take this simple step.
  3. You can use a knife to protect your home and your property. In Florida, there are laws called Castle Doctrines whereby you are legally allowed to protect your property using a knife as a weapon. Most of the time, these laws apply to your home. However, they can also apply to your car and even to your person. For instance, if someone is a legitimate threat and you sincerely fear that your life is in danger, you may use deadly force with a knife. However, you will need to prove that your act was in self-defense if you do not want to be prosecuted.
  4. It is critical that you abide by all concealed weapon laws. Florida has many of the same concealed carry laws as other states, especially when it comes to knives over a certain size. Not only are you supposed to have a concealed carry license, but it also has to be on you at all times. Not only that, but you want to have your permit to carry the knife.
  5. Know the local laws before you purchase a knife online. Before you visit an online store, like Swordsaxe, you want to make sure that you know all of your local knife laws. You could wind up purchasing a knife that is illegal in your community. When it comes down to it, you could wind up wasting money and you could wind up in a legal bind if you don’t do your research before you checkout.

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