How to get more in tune with your body

Your body is speaking to you constantly, but we often choose to ignore what it’s trying to tell us. Your physical body is the interface with which you interact with the world around you and it can be an incredible tool. It can let you know what’s good for your health and what’s not. Learning to communicate with your body is one of the best ways to take care of your health and mental well-being. Here are some ways to do that more effectively:

  1. Get rest when you feel tired

It’s too easy to keep going, even when our bodies are telling us we’re tired. We’re so used to being on the go all the time that we often neglect the signs of feeling run down or burnt out. Taking just a few moments to rest, focus on your breathing and relax can help you to reconnect with the communication between your brain and your body.

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  1. Eat when you feel hungry

This sounds too obvious to be considered but how many times to we actually do it? Often in our busy lives we eat on a schedule that might not fit with what our bodies are telling us. Alternatively, we ignore our hunger because we’re too busy. Try to tune into eating when your body tells you to and finish eating when you feel satisfied.

  1. Don’t ignore things that don’t feel right

Mild symptoms or unusual lumps and bumps are easy to ignore when we’re busy and aren’t suffering too much. However, leaving things that aren’t quite right can soon become more serious problems. Know your body and deal with anything that doesn’t feel right as soon as you spot it. Your body has clever ways of telling you things, so stay in tune with it for the benefit of your health. For example, many STIs have little or no symptoms but if in doubt, you can get checked out very quickly and privately with an STI test London from  

  1. Exercise

When we experience stress, movement and exercise can greatly help us. From our ancient past of being hunter-gatherers, we developed two hormones called adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones use stored glucose in muscles and sends them to the bloodstream, providing a surge of energy. This energy helped us either to fight or escape in times of danger. This same process that served us so well in the past can now manifest itself in any situation, such as trying to get to sleep or sitting at our desks at work. When adrenaline is not burned off, it can harm our bodies, lowering immunity and slowing down our metabolism.

Stress that isn’t managed can lead to depression, weight gain and extreme anxiety. When you feel stressed, go for a run or play some sports to help manage some of these ancient hormonal reactions.

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  1. Get outdoors

You are more a part of nature than you realise, and you are intimately connected to the physical world surrounding you. You are made of the same elements that are affected by the cycles and rhythms of the earth. Connecting with nature by getting outside can greatly help your body. Go for a walk in the woods or dip your toes into the sea. Whatever you enjoy, just be sure to reconnect with nature.


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