Gorilla Glass is ready to protect our smart watches

A year ago Corning taught us Project Phirem a combination of the strength of sapphire with the durability of its flagship project, Gorilla Glass. Today we have the fruits of that result in a new version of the protective material most famous market: Gorilla Glass SR +.

Initially designed for wearables, is the material that manufacturers placed their watches and bracelets to tell the world that their products are the hardest, you know, a specification more to consider. And it certainly is something that will have to pay attention, because everything that we in bracelet form is very exposed to bumps and scratches.

gorilla-glass-is-ready-to-protect-our-smart-watchesMore resistance does not imply vision worse

They tell us with the material to compare it – understand that sapphire dry – but Corning says its Gorilla Glass SR + is 70% more impact resistant, without thereby the screen has to do worse: it will pass light better, with a reduction of 25% reflexes, thus you can get the battery better and better viewing outdoors.

The first products with this protection will come before the end of the year, so it may be early to see gadgets that will be presented at IFA 2016, as the Samsung Gear S3. The same arrives in time to join the new Apple Watch 2, Corning is a good partner in the firm of Cupertino.

Gorilla Glass SR + is the second technology or solution presented this year after the Gorilla Glass 5 we’ve seen released in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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