Gourmet Olive Oils

Although olive oil occupies a relatively minor place in world food consumption, it has, in recent years, become a stronger export item, and a succession of international agreements have been signed since 1959 to protect its market.

Olive oil is now the third best-selling cooking oil in the United States. When properly stored, realextra virgin olive oil can last two to three years.

Gourmet Olive Oils and Health

Diets rich in gourmet olive oil shows a stable ratio between total cholesterol and HDL, and a reduction of LDL-cholesterol. Even though the role of triacylglycerols in coronary disease is still unclarified, the substitution of olive oil with complex starches in the diet, decreases the triacylglycerols in blood serum.  Greece, a member of the seven country study with the highest consumption of olive oil, shows the lowest number of deaths from coronary disease.

Extra virgin gourmet olive oil contains a wide variety of valuable antioxidants that are not common in other oils. Olive oil bolsters the immune system against external attacks from micro organisms, bacteria or viruses. Extra virgin oil is low in acid, resulting in a fruity flovour and aroma. Extra virgin olive oil enhances the palatability of food, especially less fattier foods, making them more appetising. It is a choice ingredient for all raw foods, or for pouring on toasted bread, and to make dressings or seasonings for cold dishes.

Ideally it helps to keep gourmet oil in a dark glass bottle as strong light over time will start to affect both the color and taste. A bad habit is leaving the fancy gourmet olive oil bottle on the kitchen window sill or close to the stovetop because heat will quickly cause it to go rancid.

Gourmet olive oils come in a large selection of flavors Herbs of Provence, Basil, Garlic, Lemon, Tomato, Olive branch and the decadent yet simple Truffle Oil. From Spain or from Italy, these gourmet olive oils are made from the finest hand-picked olives and transformed into a golden-green liquid gem. Gourmet Olive Oils are a great purchase , whether you’re a home gourmet cook looking to serve your guests the best spiced olive oils possible or a large market looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Cold Press

Gourmet olive oils are pressed 2-3 weeks into the season as they begin to turn purple.This process is known as cold pressing and is the best way to make olive oil that has a quality taste. No heat is allowed to be applied during this process, which is why the term cold pressed indicates a perfect production utilizing the traditional method which insures the quality of the flavor and color of the olive oil.

Variety Of Oils

There are hundreds, if not thousands of variety of oil you can purchase, of differing flavors and quality, from around the world. Are there differences in health benefits from gourmet olive oil to plain old extra virgin. It’s not because of the ‘Gourmet’ label placed on the oil, but due to the flavoring added to it. When the flavors are added, naturally, some of the vitamin content of the flavoring fruit or whatever are going to transfer into the oil as well. So technically speaking, gourmet flavored oil is better for you than extra virgin. If you want flavored oil, go buy it.

Store your olive oil in a cool, dark place–away from heat and light–but do not refrigerate it. Remember to buy different types & flavors for various cooking objectives.

A bottle of handcrafted olive oil is a great idea for wedding favors as it is rich in history and symbolism of peace. Unlike a wine bottle, which will be consumed in one sitting once opened, a bottle of olive oil is a useful item that will last at least a month on the shelves of the wedding guests.

Gourmet Olive Oils makes the perfect gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day, or any other special occasion.

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