Have you signed up for spinning? All you need to know before you start

If with the arrival of autumn and the holiday weekend, you have searched an activity to help you burn calories and get fit in the gym, and you’ve pointed to spinning, we help you make the most of the classes showing you everything you should know before you start.

Bike position

Everybody is different and therefore bikes spinning allow us to regulate them so that we can pedal on them comfortably and safely.

Thus, we must adjust the height and distance bicycle handlebar and saddle before spinning class. So you can adapt the bike to you without problems, this is what you should consider:

  • For the saddle height is correct, we should place ourselves standing next to the bike and place it just above our iliac crest or what is the same, the hipbone. Similarly, once seated, when the pedal is at its lowest point, the leg should be almost extended, with slightly bent knee and foot pedal comfortably supported.
  • The inclination of the seat should be such that it is parallel to the ground, as if the tip is down we premolars while if left up can harm us.
  • The handlebar height should be the same as the saddle or slightly higher, it must never be at the height of the chest or shoulders, as can harm us back by adopting an incorrect stance.
  • For the handle is placed correctly, ideally it is the tip of the saddle as much as the length of your forearm separately, including fingers, and once sitting on the bike, your elbows should be bent and your shoulders relaxed.

With these tips you can properly regulate spinning bike so that it fits your height and body properly physiognomy and can pedal smoothly and with a position that will ensure effectiveness and safety during exercise.

The position of your body

Once correctly located the seat and handlebars, we who must take a proper position to make a safe effort, which will not cause injury or frequent discomfort.

To do this, the first thing we have to do to position ourselves on the bike is getting the middle and relax your shoulders , so to try and preserve the normal curvature of the spine and prevent back discomfort.

The view should go ahead and not down and head should be upright, not sunken in the middle of the shoulders as if we were a turtle.

Also, for efficient pedaling force, it must originate in our middle zone, which must be incurred and should not place the weight on the handlebars or sway hips while pedaling, but our trunk must stay in the same position while his legs do aided by abdominal strength.

Finally, the arms should always be semi-flexed and wrists relaxed, because as we said, are not the upper extremities which must bear the weight of the body, therefore, we should not drop the trunk on them.

Now, we can adopt a comfortable position on the bike properly regulated to allow us to sustain effort 45 minutes on it and push us towards a safe and effective work to get in shape.

To remember

Only if we make a good gesture on the spinning bike will achieve good results, therefore, both the position of the bicycle as the body posture is very important to enjoy the benefits of this activity is among the more calories you burn and we can help you lose weight in the gym.

Also, with the spinning, we can tone up, gain strength and reduce our stress levels, but it is important to remember that not only depends on the position that we adopt or effort we make, but also other lifestyle habits.

If we want to get more out of this activity is really intense, it is also recommended to follow the instructions of the monitor and the above-given tips, watch our diet and hydration, as well as our rest, will help us to perform at their best and recover properly between them spinning class.

Now, if you have targeted a class of spinning, you know everything you should consider to make the most of this activity.

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