Hot New Trade Show Booth Trends for 2015

There are a lot of businesses out there that survive on trade shows. Indeed, there are trade shows for almost every industry – from the electrical industry to the fashion industry. Typically, they are held in large convention halls. Each business is given a certain parcel with a few walls to show their wares – this is your trade show booth. In most cases, it is up to the business to properly brand the booth. When it comes down to it, branding is the key to building an identity for your business – and it will also garner attention from the retailers that may want to do business with you. Before you start designing your trade show booth, you may want to have a few points for what’s hot and what’s not. Here are some hot new trade show booth trends for 2015.

  1. Light boxes – instead of having boring old standing signs, you could have an illuminated sign that beckons potential retailers to your booth. If you consulted with a trade show display specialist, like Blazer Exhibits & Events, they will tell you that having a sign is incredibly important. However, one of the biggest trends this year is light boxes – not only are they easy to read, but they call attention from a distance.
  2. Information racks – if you have brochures and other information about your business, you will want to have an easy way for people to digest the information. If you put your information brochures on the table, it will be more difficult for customers to grab them. This is why you want to have racks set up. Even if your customers don’t step inside your booth – they can easily grab a brochure.
  3. iPad stand displays – this is a great way for people to both look through your brochures and to take orders at the same time. On top of having paper materials, you also want to have tablets that have all your information ready to view. Indeed, looking at the information on a tablet can be incredibly convenient, because if a retailer enjoys a product, he or she can start filling out a purchase order form right on the tablet.
  4. Unique lighting – cool, edgy and classy lighting will make people want to hover around your booth. These days, you can do a lot with LED lights. Instead of having the boring, energy inefficient overhead bulb lighting, you could have accent lighting that gives your booth a unique edge. Colors like red, blue and purple will make your booth look slick and cool.
  5. Ultimate comfort – one of the biggest trends for 2015 is offering retailers an oasis where they can sit and relax while browsing through your products. Indeed, comfort is important, especially for a number of retailers that have been walking around all day long. If you have an area where they can sit and relax, you will see a big increase in numbers. In the end, this is why you want to think about moving big cozy chairs into your trade show booth.


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