How Digiatl Reading Poses Learning Challenges For Students

Digital learning has brought up mixed reactions in the education sector over the past few years. Most of the countries are taking the initiative to provide digital learning devices such as the laptops and the iPads. The world is fast becoming digital and the young generation is leading with digital learning. In the past, students used to carry notebooks, textbooks, pencils and pens to school. Nowadays, things have changed. Students carry devices such as laptops, iPads, notebooks, computer tablets and other digital devices.
However, even though these devices are highly beneficial in learning, they have got several disadvantages. Below are a few reasons why digital learning is posing challenges for students.

Loss of basic skills and knowledge

-The fact that students are able to access any kind of information from their devices makes it hard for them to grasp and remember what they read. This is because in their minds, they can always quickly get the information any time. Some people argue that the students are losing basic reading skills and important knowledge while using devices.

Effect on Comprehension

-Research shows that digital devices prevent students from efficiently navigating long texts which may inhibit reading comprehension. Comprehension is one major principle that students do not grasp quickly when it comes to digital reading. Its because of this reason that teachers in various schools are trying to limit the usage of these devices in the classroom. This is because students are more likely to skim through the texts in search of specific information which they find relevant. This prevents them from researching deeply by searching for inferences or even form arguments based on the topics.

Loss of Communication Skills

-There have been arguments about how technology is affecting communication between the students and other people. Since use of these device require are designed for independent users, they limit interactions. In most cases, you find students very busy on their devices either reading or playing games.

Learning Distractions

-Digital devices offer distractions to the students while learning. Sometimes when the student is supposed to be doing research or taking notes in the classroom, he/she might be playing games, downloading videos, watching irrelevant materials or even on the social media.

Lack of in-depth reading

-Digital reading interferes with the ability of a student to go into depth in certain readings. Some e-books are just written for commercial purposes and do not provide deep information in various subjects. The details may not be accurate as some are just copy-pasted from online materials. Research has also shown that students are able to interpret information in a better way from a hardcover textbook as compared to when using digital devices.

Exposure to Bad content

-Easy access to the internet enables the students to view inappropriate content which affect their learning. Though it’s hard to limit this kind of exposure, various measures should be taken to fully control the vice.

Technology in education has changed the way of learning which has a great impact on the skills and knowledge the kids are obtaining. It’s important to ensure that the kids are getting the most out of it. It’s also important that parents should have a csa phone number when problems involving kids arise. They might concern education or health. Csa offers help to the affected kids through legal assistance.

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