How Rewarding Customers

Discover some ideas to reward your most loyal customers, so thank you for trusting your business or services.

Why Rewarding Customers?

If you are interested in rewarding customers who have achieved in recent times, especially those who are loyal to your business, we need to see what you will spend money on gifts and presents for consumers.

BusinessOnce you have achieved a consumer becomes true, when maintained for longer reach. This can be achieved in different ways. While some marketing experts suggest that it is not good to give gifts to customers, but to offer a good service, it is also true that people were happy to receive a present.

You can reward customers in different ways, one of which is the economic rewards. Another option is the “emotional” present. The good news is that you can achieve both objectives through different customer loyalty programs. These are a series of actions that aim to retain the loyalty and achieved.

Some characteristics of customer loyalty programs are: creativity, originality, differentiation from the competition, including the likes of consumer gratification by type of customer, customization of these depending on type of person, etc.

Effective Ideas to reward customers

Within loyalty programs, you can choose different ways to reward customers, according to your expectations and those of consumers.

Gifts: It is the most common way to reward and provide the best, who’s bought, for example. You can also offer to keep large contracts, being former client in the company, by performing a type of large purchase, etc.

Discounts: Another alternative used in loyalty programs. When a customer buys a product, you receive a discount. It is also used to gratify the large volumes of purchase. The discount may be a percentage of the total or a fixed amount of money. It is necessary to appreciate the efforts of the buyer and repeat purchases you make.

Coupons: Thanks to this loyalty program customer loyalty reward, taking into account the volume of purchase. Vouchers or coupons have a specific validity, discounts or promotional items are made ​​in specific and well detailed. Allow to obtain special services at no cost, discounts and even gifts.

Exclusive events: Various activities are organized, such as concerts, parties, dinners, etc. to which they can access the best customers. Must be original, creative, funny and above all, show the client that is special, a “VIP” and why is there. The events can be trips, shows, dinners, business meetings, seminars, sports, etc.

Financing: Although many do not believe this notion serves to reward customers . Funding programs offer different payment facilities, such installments without interest or partial or total postponements. It’s a good way to build loyalty among consumers, since not all have the financial means to purchase for cash.

Vocational training: Depending on the area to which you devote a good way to reward customers most assiduous can be a course or seminar. This is often used in the field of technology or education, for example.

Loyalty cards: They are the ones used on airlines to earn miles, which then exchanged for tickets or discounts on hotels. This system is widely used in supermarkets too. Serve to increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back to buy again and again, to so redeem points available for different items or discounts. The customer benefits are greater volume purchasing, therefore, has a direct benefit to businesses. Can also be applied according to the frequencies of consumption. In the case of having several branches, are included with the same card.

Customers Club: It is somewhat similar to those described earlier cards, but in this case will reward customers with exclusive benefits. Being in that “special” community, consumers access to discounted tickets for shows, VIP treatment at airports or restaurants, gifts in certain stores, promotions, exclusive income, catalog shopping, etc.

Perhaps some companies do not want to offer these gifts or join loyalty programs because they do not want to spend money, however, should take it like an investment, with many benefits in the short and medium term.

Rewarding customers is an excellent way to keep them on our side, because it is proven that consumers love to feel special and thank them for their purchases or contracts.

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