How to Clean and Maintain Your Gold Jewelry

Keeping your gold jewelry in pristine condition can be a hard task as gold has a tendency to smudge and get dirty over time, even if it is tarnish resistant. If you want to keep your gold in top condition for the longest time possible, you have to keep tending to it and cleaning it. There’s nothing worse than seeing your sparkling investment become a dull shadow of its former self, so be sure to put some time and effort into regularly sprucing up your gold jewelry. Here are a few handy tips to consider when you’re looking to ensure that long lasting golden glow.
Gold Jewelry

  1. Every now and then be sure that you wash your gold jewelry with a little mild detergent or an ammonia solution. Mix a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of warm (not hot) water and mix gently. Tap water works fine, but soda water works even better as the carbonation can help to loosen grime and grit on the gold’s surface. Note: Never use boiling water as some gemstones can crack under this kind of heat. The ammonia solution should be no stronger than one part ammonia to six parts water. If your jewelry includes pearls, then you’re going to want to stay well clear of ammonia as this can do serious damage to the pearls shine.
  2. When cleaning gold, it’s extremely important to remember not to use anything that is remotely abrasive. Gold is particularly sensitive and can be scratched very easily. So avoid the wire brush or scourer and stick to soft fabrics such as fine cotton or a chamois cloth.
  3. Use a soft bristle toothbrush (the softer the better as stiff bristles can actually scratch the surface) to gently clean out any intricate filigree designs and underneath gemstones. This will prevent any bacteria and grit from causing any long-term damage to the gold.
  4. It’s very important to always remember to thoroughly rinse and wipe the jewelry dry after finishing the cleaning process. Set the jewelry out to air-dry to ensure that no moisture gets stuck. If you wear wet jewelry, the moisture can get trapped between your jewelry and skin and cause irritation.
  5. If your gold needs a quick spruce up, then you might want to consider a quick scrub with toothpaste. It’s a gentle and harmless option that works quite effectively. Squeeze a small amount onto a soft-bristled brush and rinse with water. Gently scrub the gold and the toothpaste will act as a loosening agent on the grit and grime.

When looking to buy gold jewelry, always ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. If you suddenly find that the gold veneer of your piece is scratching away, there’s a good chance you’ve been sold a gold-plated piece and charged too much. It’s worth weighing your options (at somewhere like the Jewelry Factory, for example) and considering a cheaper alternative to solid gold if you’re not willing to keep up with the upkeep.

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