How to Clean Burnt Pots and Recover

Secrets and useful tips for a burned pot recover either aluminum, Teflon, steel or any other material.

Remove the coal burned in the pots

All has happened to us once: a phone call in the middle of preparing the soup, the bell comes with an envelope filled postman to sign when we are preparing a rich jam … or simple forgetfulness that makes our beloved pot is nearly turned into a showcase of coal.

Do not despair, nor end with steel muscles of both rubbing. You just need to follow some simple tricks to either retrieve that burned pot and keep doing our culinary arts with ease.

Home improvementStep by step, how to clean burnt pots

First, we rinse the pot with some hot water and let it soak in all the “burning” part, so let cool. Then, wash the pot as usual: hot water, detergent and soft sponge to remove all traces of food stuck … and this vessel will be well on your way to recovery.

Depending on the type of damage you have the pot, the next step is to mix hot water and detergent, to bring to a simmer, boiling the contents for a few minutes.

If there are leftovers that are not too attached, we can boil this pot a mixture of water and salt to the boil becomes a sort of mild astringency, but should only be done in very firm pots endangerment of scratched. But if there are many charred remains, we can mix bleach (bleach, chlorine) with water, and to boil a few minutes, being careful not to breathe the vapor emitted. Then back to gently wash the pot and scrape to prevent worse evil.

If it is proper and tight surface, rub with steel wool or metal (or the hardest part of the sponge to wash) and cleansing soap flakes, but if it’s a pot of teflon, never have to scrape the surface: definitely would end up ruining it.

Other tips to clean burned pots

A great secret to recover burned pots and pans, especially those of porous surfaces (such as Essen loved), sprinkle it with the same product we bought to clean the oven. This compound is an aerosol, which when sprayed creates a foam layer. Just sprinkle the burnt part, leave it on for half an hour (or 45 minutes), then wash as usual. It is also ideal for delicate surfaces trick, we do not need to rub.

Another option that works well, especially in steel pans, rub it (gently) with partner drops of warm water and baking soda.

Meanwhile, the grandmothers used to boil potato skins and vinegar to retrieve pots (this trick also helps remove tartar from turkeys), and let stand for a whole night.

Remember that in today’s market there are a variety of cream cleansers that serve multiple surfaces, apply or spread with your finger (or a soft sponge), are allowed to act for a few minutes, and then removed with a little of water.

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