How to Conserve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

If you’re like most individuals, your smartphone basically goes with you wherever you go. And even if you leave the house with the battery fully charged, there’s a pretty good chance that it will still be low within a couple of hours.

Aside from having a battery charger in your car and perhaps a portable one to carry around in your purse or briefcase, here are eight things that you can do that will actually conserve your smartphone’s battery.

Don’t set your phone on vibrate. Although a vibrating phone is awesome if you’re in a business meeting or at the movies, leaving it on vibrate all day long is definitely going to drain your battery. So at the times when it doesn’t matter to have a ringtone on, use that instead. Your battery will last a lot longer if you do.

Dim your screen. Most smartphones will give you the option of having a high, medium, or low level of brightness when it comes to your phone’s screen. When choosing between the three, go with medium or low. The highest level will drain your battery’s juice in a relatively short amount of time.

Switch to of” when your phone is not in use. You might have heard that turning on your smartphone uses up more energy than unlocking it and that would be true. At the same time, if you turn off your phone for a couple of hours when it’s not in use, that actually saves some of the energy that would be wasted if you were to put it in inactive or sleep mode.

Disable your GPS. GPS apps are constantly sending out signals so that you can figure out how to get to your destination. As a direct result, your battery loses a lot of its power. So when you don’t need to use your GPS, it’s best if you disable it altogether.

Shorten your screen’s timeout. Something else that you can do to minimize the consumption of your smartphone’s power as it relates to your screen is to shorten your screen’s timeout. There’s no real reason for your screen to take more than a minute to go dark, so if it’s set for longer than that, reduce it as soon as possible.

Charge your battery the right way. One thing that tends to waste energy when it comes to electricity bills, chargers, and batteries is when the phone stays on the charger after the battery has a full charge. So once you see that the charging bar is loaded, remove the phone from the charger. Also, it’s best if you allow the battery to go down to critically low before charging it up again. That helps extend the life of the battery.

Reduce your notifications. If you have several email accounts, social media accounts and apps that come with notifications, you might want to reduce the amount that you have on your smartphone. The more alerts that come through, the more battery life that is wasted in the process.

Keep your smartphone cool. Say that you recently purchased a smartphone from Fuzion Electronix and you asked the customer sales associate for some tips that will help to extend the life of your smartphone battery. One thing that they may recommend is that you keep your smartphone cool at all times. Your battery will run out a lot quicker when it’s in direct sunlight or if you don’t give it room to ventilate. So let it sit on top of a table or chair in a room that is a pleasant temperature. That way, your smartphone’s battery will last a lot longer. Enjoy!

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