How to Cook Fish by Type

Each species and type of fish has a fat and certain characteristics that must be considered when cooking. We indicate what the correct method in each case.

The best method for Cooking Fish

The fish is a nutritious, high protein, high biological value meat. Like meat, does not contain carbohydrates, and depending on the amount of fat fish are divided into blue (fatty) and white fish (lean).

FoodIt is such a versatile food that can be prepared in many ways, combining with various dishes. Pet almost all kinds of fittings, provided they do not cover the taste, but who accompany or enhance.

When cooking fish, each species requires a different technique to enjoy their maximum flavor:

How to cook the fish by species

White fish Cooking : The white fish (cod, whiting, flounder, sea bass, hake, stripe) are best cooked with moist heat, i.e. water or steam , since thus it gives some juiciness. Other suitable shape are fry cooking, since being lean, not excessively fatty Once fried and are juicier.

Cooking semi-fat fish : A semi-fatty fish (bream, eel, dorado, grouper, swordfish, mullet, trout) is better cook dry, i.e. oven-roasted, grilled or en papillote (wrapped in paper aluminum).

Cooking fatty fish : This type of fish (such as eel, herring, bluefin, yellowfin tuna, mackerel, horse mackerel, halibut, salmon, sardines) tastes much better if cooked dry, as in the previous case, although techniques can also be used with water, which are very appetizing and tasty dishes.

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