How to decorate your nails with Writings

If you are already bored of the basic colors of the glazes, try this idea. You have printed text on your nails, in an original way to decorate.

Nails decorated with texts

Today we show an original proposal to look amazing hands, nail truly sensational. It is a simple method proposed by Cute polish, with which you can stamp printed newspaper on your nails in a safe, healthy, and with a finish that will leave more than one with an open mouth.

FashionMaterials needed

For this original decoration of your nails, you need a nail polish or nail a light color complementary to your skin and appearance. Remember that you can help you select the color reading our tips for choosing the appropriate enamel. You will also need nail polish colorless, common rubbing alcohol, a small container, scissors and newspaper.

Decorate your nails with newspaper

Begin to fix your nails: Cut them and lime, and make your skin and your cuticles to leave them spotless. Then, as I always recommend, wash your hands rubbing your nails with soap to remove any debris that could affect the final finish or facilitate the polish off.

And dry your hands, applying nail polish. prefer lighter colors to enhance the final appearance. You can give one or two layers, depending on the coverage you have chosen enamel. Let dry well, for at least 30 minutes to ensure perfect drying.

Then, cut strips or pieces of newspaper in a sufficient size to meet (and exceed slightly), the entire surface of your nails. If you cut a little larger, you can manipulate it more easily.

Pour some alcohol (one centimeter, no more), in the container. Place the strips of paper inside, to hydrate well, and leave for about five minutes at least. Then simply take one of the pieces and place it on one of your nails, in the way you want it is printed. Try to place the paper and press firmly in small strokes with your fingers without moving the paper. Leave the paper on the nail for a few seconds, to settle, and then carefully remove it. Allowed to settle a minute.

Then, pour a few drops of alcohol on the nail, and rub gently with your fingertips to remove any residual paper fiber would have been. Quiet, the ink will not come off.

Finally, apply a layer of colorless nail varnish to protect your creation, let dry, and your nail looks like never before!

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