How to Know if You Celiac

Your body may be sending signals from malnutrition and intestinal pain. Learn how to tell if you’re attending these symptoms celiac.

Signs to Tell if You Celiac

If you suffer from some stomach discomfort whenever you consume flour, then you probably need to know if you are celiac. To do this, there are some indications that allow you to determine whether it is gluten intolerance or a temporary annoyance.

Before you dive into the relevant symptoms, it is necessary to clarify what is celiac disease. In short, this means that every time you eat gliadin-a protein found in wheat and other cereals-occurs in your body automatically inflammation of the small intestine a nearby area.

Although celiac disease is not severe, the discomfort is severe suffering to the point of affecting your routine daily activities or cause malnutrition. To clear your doubts about it, then we offer all appropriate information to know if you are celiac.

Symptoms of celiac person

If there were cases of the disease in an older generation within a family group, it is likely to be prone to being celiac. According to the report of the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO), this disease can emerge at any point in life, so if you have a sick parent are not without suffering gluten intolerance.

It is called the gluten protein found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. Its main property is to provide a particular baking dough that causes two types of reactions in celiac:

  • Inflammation of the abdominal area: One of the best known symptoms of celiac person is pain in the abdominal area.
  • Heavy diarrhea and vomiting: Occurs frequently shortly after the intake of gluten.

Another important sign to know if you are celiac is weight loss, especially if this is preceded by the two aforementioned ailments. This point is very important because the sum of all symptoms allow you to rule out other condition.

For children, the detection of celiac disease is very different, directly affecting the growth and development of children due to malnutrition.

Other symptoms of being celiac

It is curious that one of the symptoms of celiac disease is manifested by changes in behavior. No wonder, living with an untreated illness for many years can cause mood swings ranging from irritability to anxiety.

Also, if you are celiac sure you experience chronic fatigue that comes on suddenly without having executed a strenuous work. The reason? Because of the nutritional problems, the body does not have enough to deal with the activities of daily life energy.

If you have any or all of these symptoms, it is best to go to a consultation with the doctor to determine your diagnosis and know if you are celiac.

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